Like, seriously bad. I spend so much time on my work computer (I work a 4x10 schedule, so 10 hour days, 4 times a week) that I don't always want to update other things. If you follow me on Patreon or on the website (where I'll cross-post this), you'll know that's the truth. I will go for a while updating and then fall off the face of the earth. It's not you guys. It's totally me.

I'm trying to decide what to do next for my patrons today, since my Dropbox doesn't want to load on the hospital wifi, and I don't feel like setting up a hotspot. Lament is covered under an NDA, so I can't share that with them. So time to think of either continuing an older project, like Falls; starting a new novel from scratch; or doing some shorter stories/novellas. I'm kind of leaning towards the last choice, as I really want to work more on short stories. It's a form I'm not good at, and yet one that I love. And I can experiment with different voices, while not contaminating Lament's voice.

Growing as a writer is important, just as it is as a person. I'm doing a lot of forced growth this year, and I'll be honest - I'm not enjoying most of it. But I'm doing it. Life is about moving forward, and one thing Brian's death has taught me very clearly is that we were in a rut. Both of us. We were living the life we settled for.

I'm done settling.

regret nothing


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