Starting count: 1027
Ending count: 1864
New Words:837
A loud bleat made me jump, and I glared at Archimedes, who had stuck his head over the dutch door to the back yard. He bleated again, and butted his head against the door.
“Absolutely not. You know you aren't allowed in the kitchen,” I told him sternly. “Even Gran never let you here. It's not sanitary.”
Archimedes snorted.
“And it's not Sunday, so no chocolate,” I continued. “Go harass the girls.”
He shook his head, the bell on his collar jingling merrily.
“Go,” I said firmly. “I've things to do.”
With one more snort, he pulled his head out of the kitchen. I heard the bell jingle across the back yard. Gran had always maintained that Archimedes understood English perfectly well. I still had no reason to disbelieve it.

1867 / 50000


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