My fingers are not up to holding a pen this morning, so I'm doing my morning pages here, on this journal. So if it's a bit disconnected, you'll know why, and you can just pass it over. I might just make this one private, I'm not sure. I really want to get back into doing the morning pages every day longhand, but when your fingers hurt, it makes holding the pen hard. So I might need to make some of these entries just do the morning pages routine.

The hard part of this is that I can't stop to fix things, or I'm not supposed to, but I can't NOT fix the spelling errors I see. Its as if they taunt me with their red lines, showing me how badly I spell. And of course, now that I'm looking out for it, I see it even more. So sorry, Julia Cameron, but I'm fixing my spelling errors at least today.

I need to get into a ghostly mood. I need to pull up a new play list, I think starting with SHEL, and then go to wherever it leads me. Sapph and Blue are more alike than Sapph and Molly - Sapph is a good bridge. I do like the idea of journal entries, but I'm afraid of what Sapph might say.

And I'm getting interrupted all the time, so I guess I'll just actually start writing, rather than trying to do this. :P 
My brain is still coming down from the high of finishing Last Rites. I was going to write today on another project, but I think I need a day off. So I'm going to bake today (have my friend Lisa's Neglect Granola in the oven as we speak), vacuum the living room/dining room, and generally recover. Tomorrow, I record The Sun Never Sets and start working on the next episode of Tales of the Scorned Lady.

Oh, I'm working on my menu for the Needleworker's Tea at Balticon too. Anyone in the NH/MA area want to come be a guinea pig for stuff in April sometime?
vg_ford: (Angry Oliver)
( Mar. 16th, 2007 03:17 am)
And another project goes out the door. Yay!!

This weekend's projects: packing (bleah), playing with the new laptop (yay!) and convincing my muse that turning Sleeping Beauty into a space opera is NOT an option (he's obsessed, I tell you! Obsessed!). Oh yeah, and writing.

Now to bed. Snow tomorrow is NOT going to be fun.


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