Yep, that time of year again, and I'm trying to do it a little early this year. If you would like a Christmas card from me, please put your name and address down below. Don't assume I have it! Because I tend to lose addresses (sad but true!).

ALSO! Since Schrodinger is actually joining me for this holiday season (he's supervising my Nano, after all), he has graciously offered to send cards as well! So if you want a Christmas card from Schrodinger, let me know when you put your address down, and I will give the list to him.

Comments are screened, as always.
I'll have this up on iTunes once my computer is up and running, but I'll put this up here now. For those of you wanting to put your own CD together, here are the songs the guys gave Molly.

December 1 - We Need a Little Christmas - Angela Lansbury (From Auntie Mame)
December 2 - Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow - Michael Buble
December 3 - The Christmas Can-Can - Straight No Chaser
December 4 - God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen - Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan
December 5 - Carol of the Bells - Celtic Woman
December 6 - Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
December 7 - The Holly and The Ivy - Kate Rusby
December 8 - White Christmas - Bing Crosby
December 9 - Mr. Heatmiser/Mr. Coldmiser - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
December 10 - Jeanette, Isabella - Tori Amos
December 11 - Santa Claus is Comin' to Town - Bruce Springsteen
December 12 - Christmas in Killarney - Bing Crosby
December 13 - Santa Baby - Eartha Kitt
December 14 - Winter Wonderland - Toby Keith
December 15 - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch - Thurl Ravenscroft
December 16 - Baby It's Cold Outside - Lady Antebellum
December 17 - Blame It On the Mistletoe - Toby Keith
December 18 - The Christmas Waltz - Frank Sinatra
December 19 - Breath of Heaven - Donna Summer
December 20 - It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year - Andy Williams
December 21 - The Christmas Song - Mel Torme and Judy Garland
December 22 - Twelve Days of Christmas - John Denver and the Muppets
December 23 - Medley: Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby and David Bowie
December 24 - Christmas Day - Dido
December 25 - I'll Be Home for Christmas - Michael Buble

December 25

“Merry Christmas!”

The words echoed through the house, pulling Molly from a dream in which she, Schrodinger and Drew were walking down a Road that snaked between brightly lit Christmas trees and mounds of snow. The dream was shattered when nearly 250 lbs of cat, dog and niece landed on her and the bed.

Did he make it??? )

I hope you’ve enjoyed this story as much as I have. Now, Molly and Drew are united, and it’s Christmas Day. I’ll have some special treats for you all later – including the playlist that the guys gave Molly, which you’ll be able to get on iTunes. And I’ll post the list here too. Merry Christmas, everyone!
December 24

Don’t worry, Molly, he’ll be here.

Molly smiled down at Schrodinger, who was standing next to her as she looked out the window. He had one paw on her leg, and his whole body radiated concern. “I know,” she said, letting the curtain drop. “I was actually looking out for Zette – I wanted to make sure I caught her when she delivers the mail, so I can give her the cookies we baked for her.”

He sees you when you're sleeping... )
SA sent her a very special carol. And tomorrow is Christmas Day! Will everything finally be revealed? Will Drew make it in time?
It's a short episode today, sorry - I'm wiped, and Molly's too worried to do much. But tomorrow, we will have more! I promise!

December 23

Molly? Why are you still up?

Schrodinger came padding out into the living room. Molly was curled up on the sofa under a throw her aunt had crocheted, looking out at the snow falling softly outside. The only light came from the Christmas tree glowing in the corner.

She didn’t answer him, and he came further into the room. Molly?

“Have you ever been to Caledon?” The question was so quiet that he almost missed it.

No. He jumped up onto the couch and curled up in her lap. I haven’t actually traveled that far, but my sire has. Why?

“That’s where they sent Drew,” she said, stroking him almost absently. “I’ve never been there. Did your sire tell you anything about it?”

It was warm when he went, Schrodinger said, after thinking for a few moments. Very green. He said it smelled alive there.

“Drew said they were having issues there, with the Middenfolk.” Molly looked out at the snow again. “I’ve never been to the Midden, either, but I’ve met Middenfolk. They come in to the teashop once in a great while, with lovely tea. I can’t imagine them being trouble – they seem so gentle.”

It’s probably not everyone, Schrodinger said. It’s never a whole people that makes trouble, after all, just certain parts of the population. I’m sure he’s fine.

“I hope so.” They sat and watched the snow fall for a while. Schrodinger knew she’d received an envelope earlier in the day, but he hadn’t seen her open it. For all he knew, it still sat on the table in the dining room.

“No,” she said, responding to his unasked question. “The CD is already in the player.”

What did he send you?

In response, she lifted the remote to the CD player and pressed a button. As the song filled the room, Schrodinger listened to the words and wondered again at how prescient SA was. Then again, if she was right and it was Drew, of course he’d known.

He’ll be back, Schrodinger said, when the song ended. Just like he promised. And he’ll be fine. No one will hurt a Gate tech.

“I hope so.” And she went back to watching the falling snow.

Poor Molly. As you listen, think not only of Drew, but of all the men and women around the world now in dangerous situations. Hopefully, some day, we will all live in peace.
Sorry it's late - yesterday was mad Christmas shopping! Traveling now, but the computer is coming with me, so I should have today's up tonight! Only 3 more days - can you guys stand it????

December 22

“Schrodinger, hurry up! We want to start!” Sarah called from the tea room, and Molly laughed.

“Go!” she said, shooing the CrossCat off his stool. “I’ll finish these – it sounds like they’re just waiting for you. And you’ve been waiting for this.”

Schrodinger didn’t need much encouragement. He hopped down and shot out of the room like he’d been stung by something. Molly laughed again and turned her attention back to the tea cakes cooling on the rack behind her. She and Schrodinger had been trying to decide how to decorate them, and she still wasn’t sure.

Four calling birds... )

Like SA, this is one of my favorite Christmas movies. Enjoy!
December 21

Molly stepped outside and breathed in deeply. The icy scent of snow and evergreens and the sea flooded her lungs, giving her a blast of energy that she never tired of. In the Cove, the combination of Roads and the sea gave the air a fresh scent that she didn’t notice in other towns. Maybe it’s the magic, she thought once again. It was the only answer she could come up with. After all, the folks of the Cove had cars; not that many of them used them in town, true, but they were there.

Then again, in what other town would you see things like that on a regular basis? She watched as Lisa and Neil Jackson swept by in their sleigh, gliding over the icy paving stones, pulled by two of the stags from the herd they kept on their farm. The pale white deer looked like snow ghosts as they trotted down the lane, heading into the downtown area. Waving to Lisa, Molly made a mental note to package up some more of the gingerbread men and send them off to the farm; the kids would love them. And she’d include some of the doggie cookies too, for Tigger, yet another of Schrodinger’s friends.

Jack Frost nipping at your nose... )
I adore this version. Sadly, they didn’t have the Carol Burnett version that I have, but this one is good too.
December 20

Molly looked out over the packed tea room and sighed. Not surprisingly, the bookstore had been rocking all day; it was only 5 days until Christmas, and no one was immune to the last minute Christmas panic. Molly herself still had a few things to buy, but figured she’d hit the stores on Tuesday. She needed to finish filling Schrodinger’s stocking, and she wanted to get something special for SA. Especially since she was pretty damn sure she now knew who he was.

Behind her, the oven timer dinged. Normally, Molly didn’t even bother with the timer, but her senses were a bit overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of people surging in and out of her domain. Now, she turned to the oven and pulled out yet another tray of gingerbread men to add to the army marching around the kitchen. One more tray was waiting to go in; she put them in the oven, reset the timer, and then went into the pantry for icing supplies.

And what to her wondering eyes should appear... )

Fun stuff. And hmmm, what could Tom have meant?
December 19

Molly was singing in the kitchen. Schrodinger lay on his cat bed in the tea room, in front of the gas fire, and listened to her. When she was happy, he was happy. And she was most definitely happy today.

This had been the first Snow Queen’s Ball Schrodinger had attended, although he’d heard stories of them before. Everyone who traveled the Roads near Carter’s Cove had heard stories of the famous ball, and his uncle had actually lived in the Winter Palace for a few years. He thought about last night, especially how Molly had danced and danced, her face alight with enjoyment, and how beautiful the music had been. There had even been a few other CrossCats there, and he’d gotten to get some news from home. His sister had had another litter. Schrodinger wondered if he should try and get back to the Lair for a few days. Maybe after the new year. Once I’m sure Molly’s all set.

But what if she's not? )

Here’s the song SA sent Molly today, along with the magical snowflake.
Also, for those not on my Twitter or Facebook feed, I have decided to make the Advent Story available after Christmas as an ebook (once I do some editing, because I want to make the story even better). If there is enough interest, I might also make it available on for print editions.

That being said, let's get on with the next episode!

December 18

Molly took a deep breath and looked down at her date. “Ready, Schrodinger?”

I was born ready. The CrossCat rubbed a paw on his black bow tie and then stretched. Let’s go astonish them with our elegance.

Elegant was not how Molly was feeling. Terrified was more like it. She reached up to touch her hair, hoping the intricate braiding hadn’t already started to fall, and the subtle scent of starflowers wafted over her. Once again, she looked at the corsage Drew had sent to her, and wondered just what she was getting into.

I'm sorry, it's a long one tonight... )

Do you think SA got his dance with Molly? I think so. Only 6 more days until we learn who SA is! Unless you know already….
December 17

“So, spill it. What time did he leave?”

Molly grinned at Sue, who was perched on one of the stools in the kitchen. “Are you going to be disappointed if I tell you he left around midnight, after helping me frost brownies?”

“Only if you tell me that he didn’t kiss you or anything like that,” Sue said, picking a ripe raspberry from the bowl and popping it in her mouth. “Actually, I won’t be disappointed in you – I’ll be disappointed in him.” She cocked her head at Molly. “So, did he?”

Did he kiss her? )

SA is starting to get antsy, I think. And who knows? Maybe Molly will figure it out before he admits who he is.
December 16

“You do realize I haven’t been skating in years, right?”

Drew laughed as they laced up their skates. “That’s okay, I haven’t either,” he assured her. “But I saw the ad in the Covenant, and thought that it would be fun, if you’d join me.”

They were seated on a log, lacing up rented skates. Carter’s Cove, being on the ocean, had plenty of ice around, but not much of it was good for skating, which was why anyone who wanted to skate went to one of the rivers leading into the cove. There were three, total, but it was the gentle Elizabeth River, named for Captain Carter’s favorite granddaughter, that Drew had brought Molly and Schrodinger to. In a sheltered cove, Indi Sarabian and her husband had brushed the snow from the ice, and built a roaring bonfire on the beach. Logs dragged out from their farm, perched above the river, provided benches, and Indi herself had built a small stand, complete with generator, to provide hot and cold beverages and food for sale. There was no charge to just come and skate, and Indi had skates for rent if someone didn’t have any. Stars glittered overhead, and instead of spotlights, there were masses and masses of Christmas lights strung through the trees. The cove itself was nearly circular, and the ice was smooth as glass.

I simply can't stay... )

This wasn’t the version I was going to use – but I found it while searching Youtube, and decided that yes, SA sent this one to Molly. The only question now is, will she give her heart away before she figures out who SA is?
December 15

Schrodinger curled up in his bed next to the fireplace on the upper level of Crosswinds Books and contemplated the universe. Specifically, the slice of the universe he could see without moving his head from his paws, which included Drew and Tom as they sat in a pair of easy chairs and talked in low tones.

It didn’t matter that they were across the room from him, and that the fire was crackling merrily behind him – if he wanted to, he could listen to their conversation. CrossCats had a number of talents, and the ability to hear across the Roads was one that was vital for survival. But Molly had taught him etiquette and he knew that listening in wasn’t appropriate.

Until what to his wondering eyes did appear... )

Okay, so today’s song doesn’t show up at all in the episode, but that’s okay. I’m sharing it anyways, because it has to be shared. And I needed to get Schrodinger some more face time. So this is the one SA sent today.

Bonus track! This is the Glee version – I don’t watch the show, but my sister gave me the Christmas album and I really enjoy it. So I give you a new version too.
December 14

The dinner party, Molly decided, was a complete success.

She looked around her small living room in satisfaction. They’d moved her long coffee table to the center of the room, and Lai had brought over nearly a dozen large pillows to use as seats. Only the lights on the Christmas tree and the votives guttering on the tables lit the room, but that didn’t dim the conversation glittering in the air.

A dinner party to remember... )

There’s really only one version of this song, to my mind. And Molly’s. Although some of the newer versions aren’t bad. However, the Madonna version is, in both our opinions, an abomination. YMMV.

I apologize that I haven’t posted many recipes. Molly doesn’t give a lot of them out. Maybe next week.
December 13

"Hey Molly, Schrodinger, wait up!"

Molly turned as Drew came running up the sidewalk towards them. She'd just locked up the store; as she watched him catch up to them, she wondered if he'd left something inside from earlier in the day. He and Tom had surprised her by bringing in lunch from China Gardens, and they had had an impromptu picnic party in the teashop.

Come walk with me... )

This is the version of this song that I love the most. I don't know why, but I do. Apparently SA does too.
I'm caught up! Now to start tomorrow's...and do some baking. :) I hear I'm a bad influence with this series, but I can't help it. I love to bake! If my waistline is going to suffer, I'll have to share!


December 12

“May I join you?”

Molly looked up as Father Christopher stopped by her chair. It was another snowy Sunday in the Cove, and the store was quiet after the hustle from Saturday. She had taken advantage of the fact that she, Marge and Schrodinger were pretty much the only ones in the store to claim one of the easy chairs and read. A small pot of her favorite Christmas tea and her favorite black rose china cup, along with a plate of lemon shortbread, sat on the table beside her. Behind her, the fire crackled in the large fireplace.

The only way to spend a snowy afternoon... )
SA and I share a fondness for Bing Crosby. It’s just not Christmas until I pull out the Bing CDs. I love this carol.

Molly’s been making scones nonstop for the last couple of episodes, so I thought I’d share her recipe. I think I might make some myself tonight.
Sorry, still running a bit behind, but I'm catching up today! Really!

This is my favorite episode to date.

December 11

Really? That’s who’s coming today to the store? Seriously?????

Molly laughed, even though it was hard to breathe with Schrodinger standing on her chest in the bed. “Yes, cat, that’s who’s coming to the store today. Aunt Marge made me promise not to tell you before today, because it’s a surprise. No one knows he’s coming. But I’m betting there will be a line out the door when everyone finds out!”

Checking it twice... )

Okay, I totally want Bruce’s hat here. Completely.
Short post tonight - I'm sorry. First week with the new schedule, and it's thrown me off! But I'm writing a bunch this weekend, so I'm hoping to catch up. Really.

December 10

One of the things Molly loved about Crosswinds Books was the little alcoves and groupings that her aunt had scattered through both floors. Armchairs in twos and threes, some with small tables, but not all of them; cozy spots where one could sit and read, or write, or talk to friends. It was homey.

She was on one of her normal rounds of the store, checking to see if anyone needed another pot of tea, or a cranberry scone, when the first clear notes of music stopped her dead in her tracks. The voice soared above the quiet hum of the other customers, clear and achingly beautiful, in a wordless hymn that touched something deep inside Molly.

Bring your torch... )

I think Sharsha sounds like this, and I love this carol. SA does too. I hope you do.
December 9

The snow finally stopped around midmorning the next day. Drew had shown up with his snowmobile when it was time for Molly and Schrodinger to head home, and they’d accepted his offer. She wondered again just which one of the techs was SA. She was certain it was one of them. It had to be, right?

Now, she and Schrodinger lay in bed, listening to the wind across the eaves of the house as it carried the whoops and giggles of children playing in the three-foot drifts. The house smelled of evergreens and candy canes, thanks to the tree delivered Tuesday evening. Molly found she was considering spending the entire day in bed.

I love spending a snowy morning in bed... )

It isn’t Christmas until I see this movie with my hubby, so it’s only appropriate that SA sent Molly tickets. Could SA be Luke?
December 8

“Hey, Molly, Schrodinger, need a lift?”

The words, shouted over the roar of the snowmobile that came to a stop in front of her brownstone, sounded like the call of an angel to Molly. She and Schrodinger had been wondering just how they were going to get to the bookstore: the nor’easter that had settled in the night before was still dumping snow on the ground, adding nearly a foot to the already impressive amounts on the sidewalks. Sidewalks which at 6 am hadn’t been plowed, although the roads had. Molly, with no car, had been on the verge of going back inside and calling for a cab when the snowmobile had come up.

Let it snow, let it snow.... )

And, of course, SA sent her this song. I’m in love with this version too.

And Molly’s making these cookies, but we both like rum better than brandy. I might make some with Tuaca this weekend. Mmmm.


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