So! You can subscribe to Pirate's Island for the premium content for Tales of the Scorned Lady here, for the low, low price of either 99 cents per episode, or the entire season for $5. What a bargain!

And just to sweeten the deal - would YOU like to be a pirate? If you subscribe to Tales of the Scorned Lady and email me a copy of your receipt from PayPal by the time it goes live on Feb. 14th, and you'll be entered to win a walk-on role in Episode 2! How cool is that?

Email me your receipt to val at vg-ford dot com no later than midnight EST on Feb. 14th, and you'll be entered in the drawing!
So, I promised a contest last week. And now that I have the prize in my hot little hands, I can announce it.

I have a SIGNED copy of Jill Myles' (aka [ profile] irysangel) debut novel Gentlemen Prefer Succubi to give away to the person who comes up with the best Succubi title! She's got a theme going - the next book is called Succubi Like it Hot. What classic movie can YOU insert a Succubus into? Post below to win!

Also, Jill will be stopping by next weekish for an interview - the contest will be open until then!

And, since I haven't read it yet, I'll do a review for my 52 Books Challenge. I've already started it and it's GOOD!

So astound us! Bring your titles and see if you can win!
Book 2 - Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles

Yum. That's really the most succinct way to put my reaction to this book. I love the characters - Jill has a wonderful grasp of them, and they all came off the page at me, full of life and lust. Jackie, her main character, is great as she struggles with life (or Afterlife, as the case may be) as a new Suck in New York City, and her new best friend Remy is a hoot. I'm a Noah girl personally after the end of the book, but apparently I'm in the minority - I like Zane, but he's...I dunno. Too devil-may-care for me. :)

No spoilers, because I'm giving a copy away, and I want you all to enjoy it. Suffice to say that I'm already planning on haunting the bookstores on the 19th (or sooner!) for my copy of Succubi Like it Hot, the next book in the series. And you know, I think there might be two copies.

One of them might be signed.

It might even be given away here. :D
Firstly, if you aren't reading the blog Great Hites, you are missing out on some excellent writing.

Secondly, if you check it out today, you can read Silver Bullets by yours truly (along with 11 other great stories!) and vote for your favorite!

You can even listen to them via podcast!

(And the winner this week gets a candy bar - Jeff promised - so vote! Doesn't even have to be for me! Just vote!)

Know what? Go read Jeff's blog - vote - and then drop me a comment here. I'll draw a winner when I come back from vacation and send them an autographed printed copy of Silver Bullets. Because you guys are that cool.
Woot! An addition to the contest! If you win the set of books, one of the actual characters in the book ([ profile] utilitygeek) will ALSO sign the book and then send it to you! Talk about a cool edition - signed by author AND character!!!

So hurry over to this thread and get your name in before 5 pm EST on Sunday, April 19th!!!
I arrived home after school very grumpy (it had been a long day, and I was tired), and then I looked out on the porch. In truth, I was trying to coax Sebastian inside so I could shut the door, but the sight of FIVE BOXES from my publisher changed my mood immediately!!!

I have books! Lots of books! Two boxes each of Not Your Father's Horseman with its new cover and Dark Moon Seasons, and one box of Writers for Relief, which has a StarChild story in it that I wrote. And since I have these lovely things, what else could I do but hold a contest?

So, here it is. Seasons doesn't launch officially until April 24th, but I love my fans, so I'm going to give away one prize pack to a lucky winner: one matched set of Horseman and Seasons, both autographed. A second winner will get a copy of Relief, also signed.

All you have to do? Tell me what Horseman you'd want to be, and why. I'll leave this thread open until Sunday, April 19th. At 5 pm EST that night, the thread closes. I'll draw two winners randomly and send the books out on my way to work Monday morning.

So enter! Tell everyone you know! Tweet it on Twitter (because I forgot my phone in my car and can't access Twitter from work)!

And yes, this means there will be books at RavenCon. :D

Edit: Feel free to repost this or link to it - the more entries, the better!

Edit the Second: And a new twist! One of the RL characters in the book, [ profile] utilitygeek, has offered to sign the book as well! So you get not only MY signature, but one of the character's as well! How cool is that?
Thank you to everyone who entered the Snow contest - I loved hearing about your favorite parts of the season! If I could, I'd give all of you a copy - but my publisher says no. :P So I have to be good (mostly).

The winners are:

[ profile] hopeevey
[ profile] llwheeler
[ profile] queenoftheskies
[ profile] jacob_day

Woohoo! Folks, email me at val at vg-ford dot com and I'll send you your copy!

(Yes, there are four names there. Santa came early and told me I could give an extra one away!)
Oh yeah, you guys might want the link for Snow, huh?

It's up, it's running, and please, buy!

Also, the contest (see the last entry) is open until midnight EST tonight! Don't forget to post your favorite thing about the season to win a free copy!

Today is the day! Snow will be up for sale today (I'm just waiting for the final go-ahead to post the link), and in honor of the day and the season, I'm going to give away THREE gift certificates to Lilley Press, for you to purchase Snow!

It's easy - post a comment below telling me your favorite part of the season. Is it presents? Snow? Great books? What? Everyone who posts by midnight EST on Saturday, December 6th, is entered, and I'll post the names on Sunday.

Happy Snow Day!

(oh, and cool thing? When I went out to my car this morning, it was snowing!!!)
Like maybe a contest? First thing tomorrow, check here!
I know, I suck. I should have done this way long ago. *hides head in shame*

The results are in! We have a winner:

The winning artist is [ profile] wortschmiedin!!!! Congrats!!! And she's decided to donate her royalties to a charity - woohoo!

I've also decided to go with another design as well, because, well, I adore it too much not to use it:

Congrats as well, [ profile] snitchcat!

And, to thank all you guys for helping me decide, I drew one name out of the hat for a prize pack. The winner is [ profile] shanrina - congrats!

Thank you to everyone who entered and who voted - you all rock!

Ladies, email me privately at val at vg-ford dot com with your addresses and I will send your prizes out next week!
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( May. 14th, 2008 08:38 pm)
Just moving this up so more folks can vote. I'll probably do it at least once more.

And y'all probably though I'd forgotten about this. Nope!

I have a bunch of arts for all of you to vote on! I'm going to put them behind the cut to spare everyone (because there are six images all together, and I'm taking pity on folks), but look and see what we've got!

Okay, here's the rules. Each piece is numbered. I'm screening the comments. Post a comment with your vote there, and I'll announce both the winning piece AND the random commenter who wins on May 16th. Voting will be open until May 14th.

Here we go! )
Okay, I've gotten two fantastic entries for The Tee-Shirt Contest - but I want more (because I'm a greedy person, I admit it) so I'm extending it two weeks! Y'all have until the 14th to get me designs in to vg_ford at yahoo dot com.

I'm also accepting designs for a logo. I need one for business cards, etc. I have cards with Horseman's cover on it, but since I'm working on more books, I need more of a brand type thingy.

Did that make sense? Blame it on the sickness. :p

So! Email me contest entries!!!
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( Mar. 17th, 2008 10:01 pm)
If you'd like to sponsor me for the Livers for Boobies contest, you can now do it here:

Please put the contest in the subject line, and if you want to make a suggestion for the story, put that in the body of the donation.

And thanks, guys!
Don't forget The Contest!! I'm waiting to see the cool ideas folks come up with!

To dos today:
- Call US Airways about a wheelchair boarding for Thursday and Monday
- Go and get some new shirts

- Pack the backpack
- Finish packing the suitcase
- Charge Spock (the iPod)
- Get potatoes and set up crockpot for hubby
- call the brother and wish him a Happy Birthday
- Stitch sweater together

- Write rose garden scene for Seasons
- Write Chapter 2 for Dreams

I think that's it. I can't think of anything else right now.

Oh yeah, I need to bring tea!!!
Writing: Well, I only got 793 yesterday. I suck. :( On the other hand, I'm almost up to January's wordcount already, and I'm up to Chapter 21 in the outline. I'm a little afraid that this book is going to be too long, but we'll see. Some of these chapters may be able to be combined when I actually write them.

For me, that's the big advantage of a chapter by chapter outline - if I finish the scene and the chapter's short, I know what's coming next, and can just adjust my chapter outline accordingly. It's a map, not a straitjacket. But that's just me.

Knee: Brace is amazing - it's just a bitch to put on. Mom and Dad are going to bring a velcro one for me today and I'll most likely return this one, because I'm afraid it's just that bit too small and I don't want to be cutting off circulation or anything. But it lets me move and stand, which is remarkably freeing. I'm back downstairs today, and I'm actually going to clean my living room and dining room if I can. Dr's appointment Tuesday, and hopefully he'll say "Stay on crutches for 2 weeks and then you'll be fine." Keep your fingers crossed.

And if you haven't already, check out the Contest I started yesterday! It's up on DA, DII and anywhere else I could think of, so spread it around!

Okay, off to start doing stuff.
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( Jul. 19th, 2007 06:49 pm)
Harlequin is sponsoring a contest. I might see if Belladonna Dreams is ready by October for this. I haven't decided.

Seasons is going well, if not as quickly as I'd hoped. Depending on the outcome of eBay and about 22 hours, there may be hope for Pennsic writing yet. We'll see.

Speaking of Pennsic, I have one shirt almost done for [ profile] argus7hills and I'll be cutting more out tomorrow night. I am NOT going to vanish to read HP 7 until Saturday night, after stuff is done. I might even wait until Sunday.

I HAVE to clean my house this weekend. HAVE TO.

And the cats are sleeping in the dryer. *sigh* Too weird.

More later.
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( Jul. 17th, 2007 12:59 pm)

Isn't it gorgeous? Publication date is officially September - and look here in a bit for a contest where you could win your very own eBook version!
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( May. 1st, 2007 07:45 pm)
If it kills me.

I have to start scheduling in writing again. So tonight, since work is D-E-D dead, I've got the last page I wrote of Blood Sacrifice that I'm going to work longhand on. Hopefully, I'll be able to type it up tonight or tomorrow.

I'm also thinking about the contest [ profile] camilla_anna posted about. Don't have any pagan stuff yet. Anyone want to suggest a plot idea for a short?
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( Apr. 15th, 2007 12:09 am)
I'm number #167. Keep your fingers crossed.


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