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( Jun. 19th, 2017 09:10 am)
Day: 1
Starting Count: 2989
Ending Count: 3380
New Words: 391
Opening Line:
Sapph filled him in quickly. “So if we take her words at face value, there’s no reason for this place to be haunted,” she finished. “But I can feel the Ghostwind here, a lot stronger than if there were no ghosts.”
Closing Line:
“How do you know?” Sapph said, following his gaze. The main room they were in had a large oak card catalogue and three desks, each of which had a typewriting and a stack of books on them. There was a microfiche machine in one corner. And on the air was the scent of old paper and the faintest trace of mold. 
The building they were in now was not the building she and Scottie had entered. It was smaller, and Sapph could see water damage creeping down the walls. It lay like old mold over everything: almost decorative, not interfering with the books she could see in the old bookcases, but definitely there. The books were large, substantial looking, but the titles were missing. She wondered what she would find if she opened one. “Do books have ghosts?” 
It's 54 degrees outside and sunny. I love it! So invigorating!

Here's my list of things that made me happy today:

1. Finding out that the reason you're sitting in traffic is because there is a massive wild tom turkey taking his morning constitutional in the road ahead. Man, he was HUGE, and just taking his own sweet time getting across the road. It was hysterical.

2. Enjoying a Starbucks Soymilk Chai after finding out that apparently Dunkin Donuts isn't carrying Chai anymore! (BTW, WTF??? You know, there ARE people out there who enjoy hot beverages that AREN'T coffee or cocoa!!!)

3. Finding out that chivalry ISN'T dead, and that the kindness of strangers isn't a myth. I locked my keys in my car at the hospital, and one of the valets was able to pop the door to get it open...and wouldn't even accept a tip in thanks! Just tipped his hat at me and told me to have a nice day. Made my day!

4. Manny hitting #491 today. Yes, they lost. So what? Manny only needs 9 more long balls to hit 500!!!! Go Manny Go!

5. IT IS SUNNY AND RELATIVELY WARM TODAY!!!!! I feel hope that the snow will truly be gone someday soon.

Tonight (since I did some writing at the hospital today - I had a Remicade treatment so had some time on my hands), I need to do the following:

- make peanut noodles for lunch tomorrow
- do dishes
- put away laundry
- make cranberry bread
- write some more

Time to get cracking!


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