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( Nov. 20th, 2009 10:40 pm)

This doesn't include the 3 handwritten pages I wrote today. I'll update more later.
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( Nov. 20th, 2009 02:45 pm)
Firstly, woot! Found my thumb drives after all! Will print/update NaNo forums later tonight.

1.5 handwritten pages written.

Several notes added to new journal (appropriately titled "Naughty" on the cover - so me!) regarding world-building/scene ideas.

Soldiering on.
Considering I'm writing from memory, having left my thumb drive with what I have written to date on it at home. I refuse to let that stop me. Going from memory, and I'll fix it when I type it in at home.

Doing 5-minute sprints in between work stuff. Have 1 page handwritten so far.

More updates later. Here at work until 10 pm EST.

- morning pages
- Update NaNo forums with Last Rites info (not that TPC is going away - it's just going on hiatus until after LR is done)
- Print out LR so far and post word count here
I have 10 days, and I'm at approximately 5k for Last Rites. I am officially switching to this as my NaNo and am determined to hit 50k by November 30th. Nuts? Maybe. Maybe not. It's only 4.5k a day. :p

I will, at the very least, make the effort.

Hoist the colors - we're going in.

I did get words Saturday - about 3k on Last Rites, which makes me happy.

I also found a new plot (sort of) for TPC, but I haven't had a chance to work through it. I've still got to type in the words I wrote on that last week. *sigh*

There's never enough time, you know? I need about six more hours in the day.

Every day.

Going to be doing Birka stuff tonight, and class, but I want to take at least 45 minutes to write SOMETHING creative.
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( Nov. 6th, 2009 02:40 pm)
This is from the Not Your Father's Horseman soundtrack. This version is by a band called Celtic Crossroads, because Youtube didn't have my version on it (by Kate Rusby). The song is called Ned on the Hill, and it is Francesca's song.

Thought I'd post some of the songs from the Last Rites playlist, as that is my unofficial NaNo. I'll be posting songs from The Pirate's Crown (the official NaNo) as well over the next few days.

This is Amy and Derek's theme song. Cheesy, I know, but it totally fits them. Even if they don't agree. ;)

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( Nov. 5th, 2009 02:59 pm)
My official count still sits at 1701 for TPC - I have about 2 handwritten pages that I hopefully will get typed in tonight or tomorrow. My unofficial NaNo of LR is still at 2kish - I haven't gotten into the groove on that one.

This weekend is going to be ALL writing. I'm locking myself into my office at home with lots of tea, lots of music and LOTS of words. Lots and lots and lots.

Starting tomorrow night, I'm doing my own version of a death march. My goal? To be caught up on BOTH NaNos by the end of the weekend.

Hopefully, my flu shot won't get in the way.

Who's with me?
Sorry, thought of this at work and didn't want to forget. Here are a few things for you for Friday (which I will be putting on the NaNo forums and here as well).

Novelist At Work Flyer from the NaNo site - these are cool, and I'm going to print at least one out for my notebook.

Also, Argus and I will be down around 5 pm.

Here's a few lines:

It's that time of year again - no, not time for turkey or presents. It's time to WRITE! National Novel Writing Month - NaNoWriMo - is upon us. Will YOU have your 50,000 words?

Join pro novelist Val Griswold-Ford with your laptop, netbook, Neo, pen and paper, whatever, at the new Townsend Library from 5 pm to 8 pm (9 pm? Let me know) Friday, November 6th in Townsend, MA for a write-in. Lots of fun and writing will be committed!

Does that work?

*BTW, I'm captain_hobbes at the NaNo site - be my buddy! And if you're in the NH/MA area, come join us Friday night! It will be fun! I'm expecting there will be coffee/tea/donuts afterwards.
Really, I will start updating this blog with more writing/Dept V content soon, I promise. Right now, I've got a five things make a post....

1. Blog Interview!

I'm interviewing the fabulous J.C. Hutchins next week to promote the release of his book 7th Son: Descent. It's currently available as a free podcast through iTunes, or a free blog serial at BoingBoing. (Information on all this here). Got a question you want to ask Hutch? Let me know and I'll include it! (I'll need questions no later than tomorrow, so he has time to answer them!)

2. New Website!

The website will be going dark at some point in the next two months as I make the switch to Wordpress. No, I won't be abandoning this blog, but I'll be making it a mirror, at least for the present, to what's going to be on the website. And when it comes up, there'll be a bunch of new stuff, including new content for [ profile] deptv!
Which brings me to...

3. [ profile] deptv

This will be coming to life in the next few weeks as well, as I start ramping up for a killer year next year. Definitely take a look around Halloween - I can almost guarentee there will be some treats for my agents!

4. NaNoWriMo

Yes, I'm doing NaNo, right now with The Pirate Crown. However, I might switch up at the last minute and do Last Rites, especially if I scrap what I have (I might) and start over. That being said, I will be doing NaNo. I'm just not sure with what yet.

5. And from the realm of the bizarre...

My hometown has gone insane.

Basically, if you didn't click the link, one of the Town Selectmen from my hometown has put forth a motion to have the town secede from the State of New Hampshire. Seriously. This is a town that doesn't even have a high school, or anything bigger than a corner pizza shop/general store in it, and they're going to secede.

Best thing? THEY DIDN'T VOTE IT DOWN!!!! They're still considering it.

So, in a day or so (once I finish Death's Deceit, which is tonight), I start working seriously on Last Rites. That rough draft will be done by the time NaNo starts, so I really, really want to do NaNo this year. Below is the list of possibilities, so I can start making some decisions.

- The Night of Morning
Day Spirits vs. Night Spirits, as magical families vye for control over magical nodes. Urban Fantasy. This one has an event timeline already.

- The Pirate Crown
A young woman dies on Earth and wakes up the captain of a pirate ship that sails the Cosmic Web. Her goal? Find the missing prince and save her new home from intergalatic war. Sci Fantasy (or such lightweight SciFi that I couldn't even claim it)

- Blips
A vampire, a werewolf and a Blip (a nonmagical person) are kidnapped from their world and brought to Earth, where the Blip discovers she's more than anyone thought. Urban Fantasy.

- Raindrops
An Elemental Mage and her twin sister escape an attempted coup by jumping into a raindrop. Now, they have to find the deposed King, defeat the junta and save the world. First, they have to escape the raindrop. High Fantasy.

- Unholy
In a post-End Times Earth, a paladin and her demon lover fight to restore order in a world of magic gone mad. Urban Fantasy, sort of.

- Blood Kisses
A demon sorceress, trapped in a mortal body, helps a cop solve a series of disturbing murders. The only catch? She's half-convinced she's the murderer. Fantasy Mystery

- On the Side of Angels
Half demon, half angel - and caught in the middle as the End Times begin. Urban Fantasy.

- Treaty of Betrayal
Elves vs. goblins vs. humans vs. elves. Titania's been kidnapped, and Oberon is convinced the humans are to blame, since the treaty with the Bright Court is up. In retaliation, he kidnaps his granddaughter Rhiannon and her human lover back to the Court and forces her to find her grandmother, or Gabriel will die. Urban Fantasy.

- Phases of the Moon
The Moon is gone, dead - or is she? Four young girls find celestial magic in their souls and race to defeat the Sun Demons before their world falls into light forever. High Fantasy.

I have more, somewhere, but these are the only ones I can think of right now. I will write them all. At some point. I just don't know when.
Firstly, I have a widget now in the sidebar. *points* Isn't it spiff?

Second, we has metrics!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
16,230 / 100,000

I don't know that we'll hit 100k, but we'll try.

starting count: 12030
ending count: 16230
change: +4200

starting line:
“Some people seem to think so,” I replied a little coolly.

ending line:
“So what do you want to do?”

Danielle answered on the second ring. “Sapphire Pendragon’s office. If this is Vinnie Caraballo, I want you to know that I’m recording this call, and our lawyer informs me that the restraining order bars you from calling this number. So the police will be on their way to your address shortly.” Only my personal assistant could be so cheerful and yet so threatening at the same time. I grinned, oddly proud.

Tomorrow is Snow edits, and then Seasons edits. And Curia. And cooking. And cleaning. And laundry.

*sigh* No rest for the wicked.
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( Nov. 8th, 2008 06:12 pm)
What is it about writing that makes me crave salt, soda and pizza?


WC Update: 1892 for the day.
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( Nov. 8th, 2008 05:04 pm)
Yes, I suck at updates. Sorry.

1239 words so far. But I have bacon and provolone pizza, and Barqs. I am settling in for a long night.

[ profile] blue_vervain, what's your count so far? Are you kicking my ass yet? :p
I have to share this. When I went to NegaCon this year, I met a wonderful lady who teaches at an alternative school for disadvantage kids in Maine, who attended my writing panel and whom I donated a set of the Guides to. I just have to share this email she sent me.

The kids are enjoy novel writing so very much! They can't wait to get to class and get started. They carry their notebooks everywhere just in case they get a few minutes to write. I am trying to keep up with them, but to no avail. One of my guys, D, wrote for two days and then decided to start all over again because he had a much better idea, and he has worked his fingers to the bone catching up again! It is great to see the enthusiasm they have for this project! Thanks again for turning us on to this project! The greeting if the day for this class is "Happy Noveling"

I am bouncing. All over. What a great email! I'm checking to see if I can send prizes to the winners. Hell, I want to send prizes to all of them!

This is just too cool, and I had to share. They don't have Net access, but definitely, keep them in your thoughts.
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( Nov. 8th, 2008 11:42 am)
I'm starting my first Word War of the weekend in FM chat at 11:50 am. My goal for the weekend? Two-fold.

1. 3/4 of my Seasons edits
2. 15k on Dreams

I'm also cleaning my dining room and living room this weekend, doing enough laundry for 4 days of work, and cooking. But for the next hour, I'm writing.

I'll post updates during the day.
This week has been awful, writing-wise. I've had no time, and no brain, and the only thing I've done is level my hunter on World of Warcraft. I admit it, it has not been my finest NaNo week.


This changes tomorrow. I'm going to bow out of the demo tomorrow (sorry, folks, but I REALLY don't want to develop walking pneumonia right before the holidays, so standing out in the rain is definitely a no-go.), and I'm going to spend the weekend alternating between Seasons edits (which I started at lunch today) and Dreams rewrites. My goal? To be caught up on NaNo by the end of the weekend.

Anyone up for a sprint with me this weekend?

Oh, and can I admit that I'm actually happy with Seasons? Is it too much hubris to think I've got two pretty damn fine books here? I hope not, because I'm really enjoying re-reading both of them.

And I have a really good cup of tea here. [ profile] shadawyn, I definitely like the pumpkin spice. I tried the candy apple yesterday, but I found it a bit bitter. I dunno, I'll have to try it again. Then again, I drink mine sans milk or sugar, so maybe that's the problem...
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,358 / 50,000

starting count: 10672
ending count: 12030
change: +1358

starting line:
The low, gutteral roar of an industrial lawnmower woke me the next morning.

ending line:
“Bodyguard?” His deep voice was slight skeptical; even so, it sent a chill of a different kind down my spine. I’m a sucker for guys with deep voices. Even if his next words did prick my pride a bit. “Are you that important?”

A warm breeze whispered across one of my cheeks, and I could almost fancy for a moment that I could feel his touch again. He’d done that so often: cupped my face in his hands and kissed me, so gently it was barely a breath against my lips.
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( Nov. 2nd, 2008 07:08 pm)
Okay, I am starting my NaNo finally. Starting count (because I'm doing unofficial NaNo):


Here I go.


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