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( Apr. 13th, 2010 09:13 am)
Wow. What a con.

Seriously, this is the most fun I've had a con in a while. I drove down on Thursday with [ profile] camilla_anna and [ profile] aishabintjamil from NH to Richmond - long drive, but we got a lovely little HHR from National Rentals to drive, so it wasn't too bad. Also, we didn't hit a lot of traffic.

RavenCon was at a new hotel again this year - the breakfasts were great, everything else kind of sucked in terms of food. We had dinner in the restaurant Saturday night (or tried to, anyways - I think Anna, Aisha and Stuart ate there, but I had to run and eat mine later, because an HOUR after getting seated, we still didn't have our meals...) and well, yeah, not doing that again.

We saw a bunch of good friends, and had a great launch - Gwen sent down 75 copies of Rum and Runestones and I came home with two - my contributor's copy and [ profile] fencerm2's contributor's copy. All the others were sold or taken by authors to sell. 75 copies. And this is just the first launch!!!

I sent [ profile] daveybeauchamp home with stuff for the ConCarolinas launch (including contributor copies for [ profile] madkestrel and [ profile] fireheart1974), and I have to start planning the BaltiCon launch. Whew!

Best part of the con? Meeting GOH [ profile] rachelcaine in person, and getting a chance to hand her a signed copy of Rum and Runestones. Squee! That was very cool. (Was also very funny to hear that she'd heard the story about me, Davey and the drinking contest from 2 years ago.)

Worst part? Meeting Bill Sunday morning as he was looking for Little Bruce. :( Hopefully the little dodo was recovered.

Also got to have a great koffeeklatch with [ profile] eldritchhobbit, and even made a panel I wasn't on! (I usually manage 1.)

Made a start to the steampunk costume I want to make - got the hat and a lovely cameo (a skull and crossbones one!), as well as a beautiful choker and earrings. Also got some cool teeshirts - one has bloody handprints all over it and says, "Relax, none of this blood is mine." (Totally a Shanna/Hobbes teeshirt) The other teeshirt is Jack Skellington as Captain Jack Sparrow. And, of course, I got a RavenCon teeshirt. I also got the Pumpkin a teeshirt that says, in pink sparkling letters, "This princess can save herself." (I got her mono too. It's adorable. Purple, with big eyes and long eyelashes.)

I know there's more, but I can't think right now. I'm back at work (sigh) and getting back into my routine. Sadly, cons don't last forever!!!
I adore 4-day weekends. Just sayin'.

Time for Snooch and Eben to come out again for a while. I adore this userpic. And since RavenCon is coming up, I thought it appropriate. (If you don't follow the adventures of Snooch and Eben, consider yourself beaten. Then get thee over to Two Lumps and catch up. Seriously? I thought everyone read them.)

Got lots to do today, so we're going back to a list. Because baby, I needs me my lists.

1. Make packing list for RavenCon.
2. Laundry!
3. Dishes!
4. Grocery shopping

5. Vacuum the living room
6. Finish setting up
7. Study for midterm exam on Tuesday

I want to try and clean the porch today as well, but it's not a priority. I also want to record my first attempt at a bumper for Horseman, but the Big Game is on tonight, so I might not get there.

Yes, folks, it's here! Opening Day! At 8 pm EST, the Red Sox face off against the Evil Empire in Boston!!!!!


Happy Easter, everyone!
I love cons. I love going to them, because the interaction with all the writers, editors, artists and fans that congregate there really gets me fired up and ready to write again. RavenCon was a blast: I met some really fun people ([ profile] madkestrel for one!), made some great contacts and decided to edit a new anthology for 2010.

I'm not the only one who finds cons stimulate ideas: [ profile] davidbcoe did a great post on this over at Magical Words, which I highly recommend all writers read. (I recommend the blog in general, actually - it's a great resource.) As for me, I spent two hours in the Richmond Airport working on the plot summary for Velvet Box, which is coming along wonderfully. I should have the summary done by the end of the week, and quite possibly the outline as well, which means I can get cracking on the actual story. I'm still plugging away on Midsummerland as well - this weekend reminded me that no matter what else is happening, writing DOESN'T happen unless you set aside time to do it. I often joke that writing is my second full-time job: I need to start actually treating it like one.

This means I'll be online less - I love chatting with folks, but I need to concentrate on the writing, and that's hard to do in chat. So I won't be on as often - I need to wean myself away.

Onward and upward - I'm at work today but hopeful of VTO so I can sleep some more - cons are fun but EXHAUSTING!
I has a new hat.  I am VERY excited. :D*

I'm done programming for today, and my next engagement (the Capclave party, which is always loads of fun!) isn't until 9 pm, so I'm taking advantage of the lull and the atmosphere to work on Velvet Box.  The sooner I can get the outline done, the sooner I can get it written and submitted!

In a completely unrelated note (well, sort of unrelated), I'm trying the rich text interface for LiveJournal on this entry.  I am intrigued.  I'm not much of an HTML person, and I might just go to this screen permanently.  I can see my pictures before I post the entry!

*yes, I plan on wearing it to events.  yes, I know it's not period.  no, I don't intend to claim it is.  there's more to life than stressing about silly hats.  and I like this silly hat.

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( Apr. 24th, 2009 02:03 pm)
I'm here, books are here, I've got a bed and my car is fixed. Life is good.

More later.

Go check out the Admiral's first memo to the troops - I have it on good authority there will be more soon!

And if you're at RavenCon tonight, the launch party is in Room 518 at (for various reasons) o'dark-thirty.
Man, RavenCon is coming up so fast!

I have lots to do between today and Friday morning, when we fly at out oh-god-thirty from Logan. So I need to bore you all with a to-do list (sorry!)

To do today:

1. Balance checkbook.
2. Pay credit card bill.

3. Make deposit into account.
4. Put in FSA reimbursement request.
5. Call Flightline to confirm.
6. Check with hotel to see if there's an early check-in and if the pool is up and running and if there's a chance to get a small fridge in the room. (if not, ping Tera and Davey and see if someone can snag one for us)
7. Make packing list.
8. Food plan list for tomorrow.
9. Make stickers and go through tea supplies.
10. Submit my FAFSA.
11. Return audio books

Bleah. Notice no writing on there. I'm not hopeful, considering what I have to do.

Ah well.

Thanks for all the snack suggestions! I'm also looking to see what I can eat this weekend so I don't totally fall off the wagon - CRAP! I forgot to order a cake!

Time to see who's in the Richmond area who can do a cake for Friday night...
Here's my schedule for RavenCon in two weeks:

Friday, 3 pm, Do Men & Women Read the Same Book?
Saturday, 1 pm, signing
Saturday, 5 pm, Riting Round Raven (workshop)
Sunday, 10 am, 10 Books You'd Save For Your Child (mod)
Sunday, 11 am, Marketing Your Work (mod)
Sunday, 12 pm, Reading

Also, Friday night is the Dark Moon Seasons launch party!!!
I love the day before a con. Really. It's so...invigorating, as I run around trying to get everything done that I've forgotten to do before. Add in the cooking I've been doing, and it's just a great cardio workout, really.


No, seriously, this is when I start getting really excited for the con. I can't wait! I'll get to hang out with a ton of friends, enjoy good food and good booze, AND this year I get to do TWO presentations at Monacan High School! Not to mention the fact that I'm being trusted to moderate the Voices of Tomorrow panel on Saturday (if you can hit this, I would. It's really cool - the students of Monacan talk about their part in shaping the future of fantasy and science fiction). And of course, Livers for Boobies Saturday night!


I have a ton of stuff to do today. I've already started, and my list is long:

1. Order Business Cards. Sent this morning before work
2. packing list for RavenCon Although I'm sure I'm forgetting something...
3. Finish stuffing tea bags I've done about 60. That's enough.
4. Do Sears refund Done and wow! So easy!!!
5. create handouts for Monacan
6. register car
7. go get pork loins from [ profile] aishabintjamil
8. balance checkbook I feel so poor now... :p
9. stop at Sam's Club (if I have time) and find out why they doublecharged me.
10. stop at bank and deposit checks.

No sweat. :p

Also, did you guys like the Word of the Day? Would you like to see more? Let me know below:

[Poll #1175770]
For those who have asked me:

Global Warming Friday 5:00 PM Potomac

Opening Ceremonies Friday 8:00 PM Dogwood/Cardinal

Reading From
the Slush Pile (mod) Saturday 10:00 AM Rappahannock

Blogging for
the Modern Day Writer Saturday 12:00 PM Dogwood

Voices of Tomorrow Saturday 5:00 PM Potomac

Livers For Boobies Saturday 7:00 PM TBD (it's going to be part of the Cartman Cocktail hour)

How to Critique
& be Critiqued Sunday 12:00 PM Potomac

I don't know about a signing - I don't think I have one, but I can be caught at any time. :)
In training for the next three days - yay! Only 2 hours of phone calls - yay!

I got my schedule for RavenCon, and per [ profile] daveybeauchamp, we have a room for the Livers for Boobies event (thank you, CapClave, for offering to host us!). I'll post the schedule this weekend.

I also have a short to-do list for the Con, which I am posting here so I don't forget:

- get business cards
- put together tea bags for freebie table
- design toppers for tea bags for freebie table
- put together workshop swag for workshop
-finish putting together workshop

I think that's it, but who knows. I'm sure I'll think of more.
Still in Philadelphia. *insert silly grin here*

So here's what happened. We got on the plane in Philly. And then we find out that US Air had some problems (okay, MAJOR problems) and overbooked the flight. So this poor woman and her 3-year-old daughter got split up - the little girl got a seat, but her mother didn't. And there was no way that was going to work.

So I gave up my seat, in return for a hotel room for last night, an upgrade to first class today, vouchers for dinner, breakfast and lunch AND a free roundtrip ticket good to anywhere in the US for one year. Which means I have my ticket to VA and back in September. And the 3-yr-old didn't have to travel alone.

Argus went back on the plane last night, with all our luggage. All I had was my laptop bag, with no clean clothes in it. Luckily, I found a pair of clean underwear that I had stashed in there (yay!) and someone was doing a credit card signup this morning, so I got a clean t-shirt. It's white, and my bra is dark blue, but I don't care. It's clean.

I am quite the fashion plate. :D

So I shall be home today, rather than yesterday. I shall pack tonight, while watching the Red Sox sweep the Yankees from this weekend (yay, DVR!). And I shall go tomorrow to get hubby's car from Worcester.

I'm so glamorous - it kills me. :P

ETA #1: The plane is delayed. Color me shocked.
I'm tired. :p

I'd forgotten how exhausting cons are. You don't realize it when you're caught up in the middle of it, because you are running on caffeine and adrenaline. It's a thrilling atmosphere - writers, fans and artists all talking shop, and the creativity is really thrumming through the air. I love it.

And then, on the plane home, you realize that you've been up for 64 of the last 72 hours, and most of those 8 hours you were asleep were in blocks of 2 hours each, and that's why you're nodding off in your seat.

I can't wait to get home. My kittens are going to be thrilled to see us, and my bed is going to feel very good. And I want a bath. In my own bathtub.

Got an invite to submit to the Writers Against Hunger anthology - gotta get a story ready for that. And I think I know what I'm going to put up tomorrow for the freebie day - I just have to find it. :)

I'm going to bed very early tonight.

Oh, and apparently I'm going to be in the VA area again in September - the weekend after Labor Day, to be exact. There will be signings committed with Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine, and, if we can convince him to join us, Tony Ruggerio as well. It will be fun. Quad espressos will be consumed. Mayhem will reign.

More later.
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( Apr. 21st, 2007 07:59 pm)
Okay, so it's taken me a while to update this. I'm sorry - the con's kept me busy! :p

Argus and I flew in Thursday night - apparently I can't get from Manchester, NH to Richmond, VA without going to Charlotte, NC first. No, I don't understand it either. But there it is.

Cut )
So I probably won't be posting for a while. Or reading. :p

[ profile] merkavah, I'll see you on Saturday!!!! [ profile] shadowhelm, I'll see you either tonight or tomorrow (since we're both going to the high school)!

Anyone else on the flist planning on being at RavenCon????
They've got me running...

Friday, April 20th

5 pm "If You Build It, They Will Come" with David Coe (moderator), James Moore, Val Griswold-Ford and Elaine Stiles (Jefferson room)

9 pm "The Mystery Panel" with Tony Ruggerio (moderator), Elizabeth Blue, Val Griswold-Ford, James Maxey and Peter Prellwitz (Monroe room)

Saturday, April 21st

12 pm "Human Activity" with Steve White (moderator), Stuart Jaffe, Val Griswold-Ford and Greg Eatroff (Jefferson room)

6 pm "Quick Write" with Tony Ruggerio (moderator), Danielle Ackerly-McPhail, Elizabeth Blue, Bruce Boston, Stephen Cobb, James Maxey, Hildy Silverman, Jana Oliver, Val Griswold-Ford and Kristy Tallman (Monroe room)

Sunday, April 22nd

9 am "The Report Read" with Val Griswold-Ford (moderator), Dennis Danvers, Malcolm Deeley and Steve White (Monroe room)

My signing session is on 2pm Saturday (hint, hint!) with Elizabeth Massie (yay!). So I can fan-girl watch a large-press author in action.

Come and visit me!!!
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( Apr. 25th, 2006 02:29 pm)
The RavenCon entry. It's MASSIVE, so I'm putting it behind a cut.

Read more... )
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( Apr. 22nd, 2006 02:33 am)
Wow. Can we say fangirl? Can we say this fangirl got to be on two panels with Terry Brooks? Yes, yes we can, ladies and gentlemen.

It's freaking 2:30 am. Why am I still up?

This is why one should not blog when one has been drinking Captain Morgan's Private Stock and discussing movies all night. :)

Just wanted to let you know I was all still alive. :)


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