I honestly thought I'd missed out on this, but it turns out there are THREE days left in Mur Lafferty's Kickstarter program for her Heaven series. Mur is an amazing storyteller, and I've really enjoyed her Heaven series, and was bummed that it wouldn't be available as anything but a podiobook. Which isn't a bad thing, but really, it's another one of those books that SHOULD be available. So she did a Kickstarter program to publish it. Yay! If you haven't heard of Heaven, I highly encourage you go here and check out the Kickstarter project, since LJ won't let me embed the video for some reason. In other news, it's Opening Day at Fenway against the Evil Empire! And I have to work. Boo. :( But in support, I shall wear my Dirty Water sweatshirt and I have the game DVR'd! Go Sox!

(Yes, we're 0-6 right now. It's a sucky start to the season, but it's only 6 games in! We can still turn it around!)

Isn't that a pretty, pretty sight? I'd love to see that every day next season.

And if it happens, I fully expect to hear that Yankee Stadium is haunted by the vengeful ghost of George Steinbrenner.

Do I think it will come to pass? I doubt it, but I won't be sad if it does. :)
And Stuff is what I'm planning on doing. The Red Sox game is at 7:10 pm - by then, I'll be ready to hang out in front of the tv.

To Do on a Sunny Saturday:
1. Morning Pages - already done. Trying to make this an automatic morning habit.
2. Make breakfast - banana pancakes. And the rest of the bacon. - mmm, banana pancakes. No bacon, though. Maybe BLTs for lunch tomorrow.
3. Make sausages for lunch.
4. Go get planetarium passes at the library for tomorrow. - Boo, passes for tomorrow were gone! They only had one per day. *sniff* We're going anyways.
5. Go to Goodwill for sheets and the bread store for pumpernickel bread. - Achieved! And some other stuff as well - but nothing huge. I needed a new cutting board. We have a cool Goodwill store - it's like a cross between Goodwill and Building 19. Seriously.
6. Clean the back porch off. - Holy crap, am I sore. But it's clean! We can use part of it!
7. Clean out the Escort. - Um, no. Not today. Too sore after the porch.

That's a good day. I'll be on Twitter most of the day - I think I'm bringing the laptop out to the porch to run iTunes, to keep me motivated.

Hope you guys have a good day!
From [livejournal.com profile] liamstliam...

Nomar to retire as a member of the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox site won't come up - I'm not surprised. Go #5 - you always were a class act.
Ignore the weather. Summer's coming.
Pitchers and catchers report Feb. 18, 2010!!!! Only 85 days away!!!!
So since folks in FM Chat (mostly WP and Kris_W, you guys ROCK!) let me blather, I now have PLOT for Last Rites. Good plot. EVIL Plot.

I'm actually getting excited to write this book. This is a good thing.

Deadline for final is December 31, 2009. I should have an outline by July.

Things are looking up.

Oh, and that broom in the corner? That's for the Yankees. :D
I could get an MLB.com blog. And blog baseball.

Oh, the temptation....
It is now officially spring.

Please accept the offer, Tek. It really won't be the same without you.
Last night, the Boston Red Sox beat the LA Angels of Anaheim 3-2 to knock them out of the playoffs (you're welcome again, [livejournal.com profile] zombiegoat). Now the real battle begins, because Tampa Bay also won, and they have been a scrappy ball team all season.

And yes, LA was too, but we KNOW we can defeat them in the postseason. Tampa? I'm not so sure.

Then again, in Theo and Tito we trust. I believe.

And because it really needs to be said, I'm going to quote [livejournal.com profile] zombiegoat's comment in my last entry:

"Dear Angels,

Boom. Outta here.

The Boston Red Sox"
vg_ford: (varitek)
( Oct. 4th, 2008 08:11 am)
Red Sox defeat the LA Angels of Anaheim, 7-5. Red Sox take the lead in the series, 2-0.
As the Yankees' playoff hopes crumble and die.

Nope, I'm not gloating at all, not at all, nope, nope.


Okay, gloating just a bit.

The Boston Red Sox beat the Cleveland Indians 5-4 tonight to clinch a playoff spot, win the Wild Card (and still have a chance at the pennant!), beat Cliff Lee (easily the favorite for the AL Cy Young) and oh yeah, eliminate the New York Yankees from playoff contention.

Hey George, I hear ESPN's got great coverage of the post-season in Soxtober. I'm sure your big screen TV will play it all in wonderful clarity as you watch the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays make their playoff runs, while your boys in blue go play golf.

Just sayin....
Keeping the faith....
Well, we were going to go to the FisherCats, but hubby is feeling wicked tired, so I'm home watching the Sox and trying very hard to not go upstairs and play WoW instead of writing. The problem with the work schedule from last week is that although my paycheck on Wednesday will be spectacular (bonus, PLUS OT), my brain is now fried. Completely. Which is not conducive to writing a 7-10 page paper on the following topic:

The Treaty of Versailles was a prime cause of the rise of the National Socialist Party in Germany.

Um, yeah, no.

So tonight, I'll be working on the Dreams rewrite and heading to bed after the game. And then I'll sleep in.


Okay, time to open the word doc and actually do something productive.
2-1 Red Sox, with Jason Bay scoring BOTH Red Sox runs.

Manny who? :P
We need to win this one. Please.

Edit: You guys rock. 9-2, Sox. Thank you!
I'm drowning in zucchini. :p Seriously. Anyone coming to writers group tomorrow want some?

I'm glad folks like the little snippet I posted from what I thought would be the beginning of the new book, but I'm not using it. Yes, I'm being indecisive. I'm going back to the original beginning, because I realized I was fretting about nothing. If I start getting rejections saying "Starts too slow," THEN I'll look at changing it.

Tonight, it's Red Sox vs. Yankees (yay!) and I...

am writing.

Yes, yes I am. There will be much writing done, once I post the crit I did today. Oh, and making zucchini bread. LOTS of zucchini bread, most likely. Thank god it freezes. :P

More later.
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( May. 31st, 2008 10:51 pm)
Manny Ramirez has just hit home run number 500!!!!

Sooooo exciting!

(and no, I really haven't gotten any writing done yet. Benadryl and driving have conspired against me. More tomorrow)


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