This January is going to be hell on my paychecks. That said, coming home early is better than replacing a car. Or a hospital stay.

Tonight, it's cold. And icy. I have stoked up the wood stove, poured tea, and turned on some classical music. Now, I will do homework. And then I will write. And attend class at 9 pm.

I'm so freaking awesome.
yep, time to change the icon again. And it was COLD this morning - like, I can see my breath when I step outside cold. Bah.

Today is a momentous day - it is the final Thursday I will be working. Monday, I go to my new schedule:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - 10 am to 8:30 pm


I am thrilled by this. I am further thrilled by the fact that I have jeans days tomorrow AND next Friday, so I only need 3 days of dress pants next week!

Thursdays will now officially be writing/studio days. (Remicade days as well, but that's only once every 8 weeks) And then home to have dinner, a real, sit-down-at-the-table dinner, with hubby.

I cannot WAIT.

In other news, I have apparently offended the car gods and must remedy this. After the $2000 to fix the van and register it, I was driving home yesterday - and my check engine light came on (in the Escort). *sigh* My mechanic must be adoring me.

School starts for me on November 2nd - I'm taking ENGL 101. Yes, they're making me take ENGL101 and ENGL102. Eh, they'll be easy As and hey, maybe I'll learn something about writing essays.

Today is more work on TPC backstory - I'm still feeling out characters and subplots, and trying to figure out why King Dad disinherited Eldest Son in favor of Second Son (hereafter known as Our Hero). This requires more worldbuilding than I've done in a long time (space opera versus urban fantasy), so it's stretching some long-dormant writing muscles.

And I need to start working on Halloween costumes. I have to make the short tunic for me (no, not garb! I watched some of the chopsake movies this past weekend, and the heroine wears a short tunic and short pants. Easy!) and Argus' shirt and bandolero.
I have a lovely little pot of daffodils on my desk, thanks to Daffodil Days here at work. They smell wonderful, and I think, once the ground warms up, that I'm going to plant them in my front flower bed. If I get a pot every year, I could have a TON of daffs in my yard. Wouldn't that be lovely?

They really are like sunshine. I have seven sprouted bulbs, and seven flowers so far, with more buds just waiting to pop. It really does brighten my day.

I'm dealing with family stuff, so I apologize if I don't get back to people right away - my time is kind of limited. But I'm still here, I'm still writing - I should have some more writing stuff to post tonight under the writing filter.

Took an interesting CLE yesterday on public and private benefits - kind of ignited the desire to go to law school again, although I don't know if I'll follow through on that. It's more money to pay out, and another 3 years of school on top of the three I still have... I dunno. Maybe.

Still noodling with ideas for writing. My paladin is getting insistant, but I don't really have a storyline I like for her, and no real villains. Honestly, I don't WANT to write a post-apocalyptic Crusader novel. I don't. Really.

Even if she wants me to.

I found an interesting bit with a paladin and a mage that a friend and I played with in college - she wrote the paladin, and the paladin in question was NOTHING like my paladin (nevermind the story in question was hideous and involved Robin Hood, okay? We just won't go there) - but I liked the interplay between them, and I started wondering.

What would happen if you took a paladin from one post-apocalyptic Earth, a wise-cracking mage from another alternate Earth, and dropped them both in the middle of the Robin Hood mythos?

And then I shuddered and decided not to go there. Not yet, anyways.
Throat still sore. Head pounding. Final in 5 hours and 30 minutes (give or take). Hunkering down to study.
Short list tonight (she says sarcastically).

1. Last Crit for DII
2. Situps Week 1, Day 1

3. Write paper for Criminal Law
4. Assemble Bento Lunch for tomorrow

I can do this and be in bed by 11 pm. I can...

Edit: Week 1, Day 1 = THIRTY EIGHT situps!!!!

Edit 2: Paper half-written, but outlined the rest of the way. I'm going to bed. No bento tomorrow, but did pack a lunch. Go me.
Not really, but if you could hear the complaining in my training class today, you'd think the world was ending. Seriously, guys, we're professionals. Put on your big girl/boy panties and get over it.

Okay, rant done.

Snow is coming - I might actually have pictures for those crazy Californians folks who have been asking for them tomorrow. We're supposed to get 2-5" tomorrow, and then another mess on Friday. Lucky us!

Writing - I was doing technical (legal) writing last night for class, but tonight I'm planning on finishing Three Ships and sending it out to my lovely alphas. Then I have to study - my final is tomorrow, then I'm done until mid-January!!!

Got some more Christmas shopping done last night - bought some Terry Prachett for my brother, and ordered Nurk by [ profile] ursulav for my niece. Support writers, folks - buy books for Christmas presents!!! (You know, my novella Snow is a great present - and it doesn't need to be wrapped!!! Just a suggestion... *grin*)

January, I think I'm taking criminal law. Can't wait! The only problem I'm finding with taking paralegal classes - now I don't know WHAT kind of law I want to do! They're all so interesting!!! *waah!*
Work: We learn loans this week! I'm very excited - it looks fascinating. And we had a fire drill. An unintentional one - apparently a transformer blew and made lots of smoke. We stood outside in the cold for twenty minutes. Woohoo. It wasn't even snowing any more! (no, still haven't gotten any pictures, sorry, [ profile] joncwriter and [ profile] queenoftheskies.)

Writing: I am truly obsessed with Jack Frost. And pirates. And the Cosmic Web. And space opera. And it seems odd that although I really dislike winter strongly, I adore writing Christmas in New England stories.

And yes, that's all the hints you're going to get about your Christmas present. :)

School: Big project due tomorrow night - eek! It's almost done - I'm writing up my final brief tonight (a memorandum of law). Then I can just print it out tomorrow and pass it in. I'm happy with my work - I think it's a good project. We'll see if I can keep my 4.0. Final next Wednesday - then I'm free for two whole weeks!
Okay, I've got a list today (I know, shocking, huh?) of stuff I need to do. It's snowing outside, and I'm going to try and take some pics for folks who don't have the white stuff to see. I have a few Californians who miss it (for some weird reason).

To Do on a Snowy Sunday afternoon:

- finish statute brief for case #1
- finish case brief for case #2
- finish statute brief for case #2
- finish report for Baronial Birthday
- answer email
- email Baronessa (must do this!!!)
- fold laundry
- make mini quiches
- make bento plan for tomorrow
- finish decorating tree
- wrap presents

In other news, I got the BEST present from [ profile] aishabintjamil and [ profile] peregrine yesterday: CHINA! A full dinner set for 15, plus a bunch of tea cups and saucers and plates. I'm so excited! I'm going to use some of them later today!

And at some point next season, I'm TOTALLY having a Baseball High Tea. Totally.
And somehow, by the grace of I don't know what, I did it.

I preserved my 4.0!!!!!

Somehow, I did well enough on my quizzes, my final and my project to overcome my class participation grade, and I pulled an A!

I am SOOOOO happy!
Yay, I can see the weekend!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs - sorry I didn't respond before, but we were literally flat out. I finally got to sleep in this morning (until NINE! Bliss!) and woke in a pool of sunlight and kittens. I could get used to that.

So, here's the updates:

School: Passed Algebra with a 98 for the semester - go me! (I will deny unto my dying day the rumor that I never opened the book when I wasn't in class. I flipped through it when I got it...)

Paralegal - I'm not so sure. I'll find out next Monday. I'm HOPEFUL of a B - but we'll see. My class participation and two of my quizzes may have done me in.

Weight: I had no access to a scale yesterday, but I weighed in today!

Starting weight: 291 lbs.
Current weight: 289.6 lbs
Change: 1.4 lbs

I went up .2 lbs. Considering my eating habits for the past week (I was LIVING on junk food. And takeout. And cola.) I am very, very pleased with this. I didn't pack a lunch today (bad me) but I am drinking seltzer and iced tea and hot tea, not cola. And I will be home for a good meal for dinner. And I went for a walk today on lunch! It was GORGEOUS out - I was listening to the John Tesh Radio Show Wednesday night (go ahead, laugh, but it's got a TON of good information for your life, and lots of 80s soft rock), and apparently one of the best things for your blood pressure, especially in stressful situations, is a walk in the woods. And the NH woods are full of color now. If it's as sunny tomorrow, I might bring my camera with me.

Writing: Tonight, I'll be working on the edits for Snow. This weekend, after I send those off to the lovely [ profile] domynoe, I'll pull out the edits for Seasons. And I still have to sign up at NaNo - I'm signing up and I'll be posting word counts, but it's going to be for Belladonna Dreams. My goal on that is to have it ready to go out the beginning of 2009.

Work: I made it through the three days of hell this week. I'm on the downward slope now. One month from tomorrow, I will start 401k training. I can make this. I can.

And I registered to vote today. Go me! Also indulged in a little retail therapy and bought two pairs of new shoes. I'm cleaning out my shoe closet tonight and donating most of them to Goodwill - I'm past my "omg they're so CUTE!" phase and into my "I need shoes that look good and have some support as well" phase.
Random weekly update....

Personal: Argus and I celebrated our 7th anniversary on Monday - apart. :p I had work and then class and he had work, so we didn't see each other until 11 pm that night. Oh well, Iron Man comes out on Tuesday on DVD - I think we'll be doing a date night to watch it again next week.

Writing: I found the thumb drive case, thank gods. Yes, I had backed everything up, but the desktop isn't all that convenient to carry around with me, and I didn't feel like spending more money on more drives.

Work: Let's just say FRUSTRATING and leave it at that.

School: Paralegal is FASCINATING - Algebra, not so much. But I'm really starting to get very excited about getting into a new profession.

Sorry, guys, it's a boring week.
I know, how boring, right? Welcome to my life.

- Chapter 1 for exam on Monday

Intro to Paralegal:
- Chapter 2-5

I guess it's a good thing I took a nap earlier.
Got an A in Conflict Resolution (and made the prof laugh the last day when I told him that I still preferred to settle conflicts the way I said I did on the first day: with rapier and pistol), which means I'm still carrying a 4.0 average. Go me!

Hopefully, I'll still pull an A in the classes this semester, even with missing a few, and I'll still have a 4.0 going into the holidays.

Oh, and finding out they put my other student loans in deferement automatically until next November at the least? Awesome.
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( May. 11th, 2008 05:56 pm)
Yep, writing my first paper today. It's a good way to ease back into that whole writing paper mentality, although I'm afraid (since the topic is about me) that I'm writing it in a very chatty, bloggish type way. Ah well. I'm sure my other paper will be much more scholarly, as it's about Fahrenheit 451. More later - I'm in both the DII chat and FM writers as I work on it.

Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers on my list!

Edit: Paper is done! Now I'm off and running on Seasons. More later.
Just sent off for information on several paralegal programs in my area. Gods help me, I think I really am going back to school.

And yes, I have started the Eowyn Challenge - I'm a mile out, and have just left the lane in Bag End. I'm hoping to make it to the gym tomorrow.

I seem to feel better when I hit the gym, so I think we'll be trying to go and walk every morning next week. We'll see.


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