Memo: Recruitment information
From: Rear Admiral Ismael Hayden, Department of Magical Investigation, The Pentagon

If you are reading this, you have been selected to join a very select group of individuals. The Department of Magical Investigation is the only thing protecting this nation from danger of a magical or psionic nature. The recent upswing in activity has forced us to open our doors, and we look to you to help us control the situation.

You may have heard rumors that the StarChild has begun the Cleansing, and that the Four Horsemen have been unleashed. Despite what the nation has been told, this is in fact true. Attached is the brief with all the information you will need to begin your investigations. Read it, and then report back here for your next assignment.

Your country depends upon you. Do not disappoint us.

Attachment: Dark Moon Seasons Brief
Damon Lord - you've won a set of Not Your Father's Horseman and Dark Moon Seasons, signed by me and [ profile] utilitygeek!

[ profile] silvarastar = you've won a copy of Writers for Relief, signed by me!

Congratulations to both of you, and thank you everyone for entering!

Everyone else, keep an eye out - there's another special announcement coming VERY soon!
Not only is it Friday, but it's a JEANS DAY Friday at work, so I'm very comfortable. The sun is shining, it's supposed to hit 70 degrees F today, and life is good. Royalty check came in yesterday, I have books, I just dropped books off at the post office for former contest winners and I'm contemplating writing again.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day as well! Don't forget to enter the contest for signed copies of Horseman, Seasons and Relief!!!
I arrived home after school very grumpy (it had been a long day, and I was tired), and then I looked out on the porch. In truth, I was trying to coax Sebastian inside so I could shut the door, but the sight of FIVE BOXES from my publisher changed my mood immediately!!!

I have books! Lots of books! Two boxes each of Not Your Father's Horseman with its new cover and Dark Moon Seasons, and one box of Writers for Relief, which has a StarChild story in it that I wrote. And since I have these lovely things, what else could I do but hold a contest?

So, here it is. Seasons doesn't launch officially until April 24th, but I love my fans, so I'm going to give away one prize pack to a lucky winner: one matched set of Horseman and Seasons, both autographed. A second winner will get a copy of Relief, also signed.

All you have to do? Tell me what Horseman you'd want to be, and why. I'll leave this thread open until Sunday, April 19th. At 5 pm EST that night, the thread closes. I'll draw two winners randomly and send the books out on my way to work Monday morning.

So enter! Tell everyone you know! Tweet it on Twitter (because I forgot my phone in my car and can't access Twitter from work)!

And yes, this means there will be books at RavenCon. :D

Edit: Feel free to repost this or link to it - the more entries, the better!

Edit the Second: And a new twist! One of the RL characters in the book, [ profile] utilitygeek, has offered to sign the book as well! So you get not only MY signature, but one of the character's as well! How cool is that?
Yes, I will be uploading more, but you can check out what I have so far up here.

And yes, the fabulous designs that won my contest last year (yeah, I'm SOOO behind) will be up as well. I just have to upload the designs themselves.
Soon, very soon, there will be an announcement that all fans will want to see. Very important news.

Because I don't have all of it together yet, I give you an official cover instead:

If you review, or know someone who does, and would like a review e-copy of the upcoming Dark Moon Seasons, please email me at val at vg-ford dot com.
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( Mar. 26th, 2009 02:30 pm)
It's up on Amazon!
Yep, pro wrestling. Hubby and I adore watching it - it's so interesting to see the storylines! Really, the creative teams are impressive to me as a writer. And nope, not apologizing at all for that.

Today, I have writer's group at 3 pm, but I need to clean beforehand. Hubby was awesome and let me sleep until 11 am - I'm on my 2nd cup of tea and have had breakfast. Now, I need to start soup going and finish laundry before I head out. No writing today - I'm still in prewrite mode, but I'm bringing the computer with me and I'll upload what I have for Ally and Dan so far today.

I also need to get the press kit that I owe out (guilt, guilt!), finish the back cover for Seasons and do two crits for DII. I might be going on LOA again over there - depends on how family stuff goes. But right now, I want to do some while I can. And I'm working on some lovely gauntlets for a friend that I have to start today.

So here's the to-do list today:

1. Make chicken soup It's actually more like chicken a la king, although it might thin out as it cooks...
2. Fold and put away laundry
3. Put together and email press kit
4. Email Seasons back copy to Gwen
5. 2 crits for DII
6. Upload notes for Midsummer
7. Start Gauntlets
8. Pick up garlic bread

Okay, off to be productive. And I need more tea.
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( Feb. 22nd, 2009 10:30 pm)
It's done! It's done! The final galleys of Dark Moon Seasons have been sent to my publisher!

Yay! It's done!

Now I just have to write the third one...
Day 1 of Happiness?

Finishing my Christmas story BEFORE Christmas EVE!


In other news, Dark Moon Seasons has been turned into my publisher. As soon as I have dates, there will be a countdown clock.


It is still snowing. Bleah.


I am off for the remainder of the day to play WoW with my sweetie and drink. It's a good thing.
Yeah, that was the feel around the call center today. It's been a long day - we were holding at least 10 calls most of the day. And they were RANDOM - not just one client or another (I manage 55 clients).

Days like today, although aggravating on a personal level, I understand WHY we're on OT. I mean, EVERYONE'S on the phones (hell, they called up the reserves) and we're STILL holding calls. Yes, at this point, we're all on OT for a reason.

(Unlike, say, Halloween, when the last four hours of my OT I took SEVEN CALLS...but I digress)

So it finally slowed down enough for us to catch our breaths, so I can blog. No real writing today, although I'm going to work on Seasons tonight a bit once I get home from class. I think tomorrow will be another hellish day - we have a new client coming on and uck.

Don't forget to vote tomorrow! I'll be there at 8 am tomorrow, casting mine.

Oh, and I got good news today! They're going to be giving us the shifts we wanted after all, so I'll be moving to 401k on November 24th!!! I'm working 8:30 am to 5 pm for the 5 weeks of training, and then I'll be 9 to 5:30 pm!!!


21 days and counting....
Yay, I can see the weekend!!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs - sorry I didn't respond before, but we were literally flat out. I finally got to sleep in this morning (until NINE! Bliss!) and woke in a pool of sunlight and kittens. I could get used to that.

So, here's the updates:

School: Passed Algebra with a 98 for the semester - go me! (I will deny unto my dying day the rumor that I never opened the book when I wasn't in class. I flipped through it when I got it...)

Paralegal - I'm not so sure. I'll find out next Monday. I'm HOPEFUL of a B - but we'll see. My class participation and two of my quizzes may have done me in.

Weight: I had no access to a scale yesterday, but I weighed in today!

Starting weight: 291 lbs.
Current weight: 289.6 lbs
Change: 1.4 lbs

I went up .2 lbs. Considering my eating habits for the past week (I was LIVING on junk food. And takeout. And cola.) I am very, very pleased with this. I didn't pack a lunch today (bad me) but I am drinking seltzer and iced tea and hot tea, not cola. And I will be home for a good meal for dinner. And I went for a walk today on lunch! It was GORGEOUS out - I was listening to the John Tesh Radio Show Wednesday night (go ahead, laugh, but it's got a TON of good information for your life, and lots of 80s soft rock), and apparently one of the best things for your blood pressure, especially in stressful situations, is a walk in the woods. And the NH woods are full of color now. If it's as sunny tomorrow, I might bring my camera with me.

Writing: Tonight, I'll be working on the edits for Snow. This weekend, after I send those off to the lovely [ profile] domynoe, I'll pull out the edits for Seasons. And I still have to sign up at NaNo - I'm signing up and I'll be posting word counts, but it's going to be for Belladonna Dreams. My goal on that is to have it ready to go out the beginning of 2009.

Work: I made it through the three days of hell this week. I'm on the downward slope now. One month from tomorrow, I will start 401k training. I can make this. I can.

And I registered to vote today. Go me! Also indulged in a little retail therapy and bought two pairs of new shoes. I'm cleaning out my shoe closet tonight and donating most of them to Goodwill - I'm past my "omg they're so CUTE!" phase and into my "I need shoes that look good and have some support as well" phase.
And damn, I am SO about the Christian symbolism. I'm not sure WHY (okay, okay, I'm writing about the Four Horseman, I get it) but wow.

Cut for those who don't want possible spoilers about my world )

Now that I've gotten that out of my system, it's time to write.
Work: No packing last night - I'm contemplating coming in Monday and doing a bunch of stuff while no one is at work to bother me. We were busy, so I got good stats but no packing.

The good news? I'm not on the phones until TUESDAY. YAY!!!

School: The good news is that they've scheduled no OT for the first week of classes. But I still haven't heard from my director if I can get out at 4:30 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays when we don't have OT. I'm hoping so, but we'll see.

I got my books Tuesday, and I turn in my paper today, so this semester is in the books. Unless I totally bomb the paper (which I doubt), I should pull an A this semester too. If only I'd done this well in college the first time... oh well.

Writing: Snow continues apace. I need to get in touch with some folks regarding Elements and I need to get the revisions in for Seasons. I also have two crits I need to do for DII, and I need to clean my writing desk up. I'm also working on the first chapter for the podcast of Horseman - I'll be looking for some beta "listeners" for my efforts. Anyone want to volunteer? I'll warn you now - it's not going to be nearly as spiffy as Tee's stuff, but I'm hoping it won't be too horrible. I just need to make sure I'm audible and stuff. Email me or comment and let me know if you want this inflicted on you at some point in September.
I got some VERY cool graphics today! VERY cool.

As in, new covers.

Take a peek.... )

Aren't they GORGEOUS????
Yes, I have typed THE END in Dark Moon Seasons!!!! Soooo exciting!

Now my editor gets it. :D And I get some time to work on Belladonna Dreams and Lavender.

Final metrics:

starting count: 85332
ending count: 88694
change: +3362

starting line:
Chaos Lords? What is she talking about? There are no such thing.. Diana followed Nikki’s gaze and her eyes widened. On the wall over Chrys’ head was a blur, a shimmer – two images trying to hold the same spot and failing. One was the image of St. Catherine that Chrys had said was speaking to her, leaning over her with a hand resting on Chrys’ shoulder. But the other…Diana blinked, hoping the image would go away, but it didn’t.

ending line:
And you, I will kill.

Doom couldn’t answer. As he stared at her, the front of the house exploded.

Power poured over them, spreading out like a deadly flood from the young man who stood in the shattered remains of the foyer, his eyes burning, and Doom did the only thing he could: he began to shoot, even as the officers around him began to scream in agony. The Horseman turned to look at him, and Doom faltered for a moment, then fired again. He clearly saw the bullet rip through the young man’s chest...and then the hole closed, and the Horseman pointed at him.

Doom felt his skin crawl, as if a hundred thousand ants had been dumped upon his hands, and looked down. Then he screamed.

The flesh on his hands was turning black and peeling away, revealing the disintegrating flesh beneath. He staggered backwards, the bloodstained gun falling from his nerveless fingers to discharge into the vehicle in front of him. The sounds of his own screaming faded from his ears, replaced with the pounding of a heart that was being slowly starved of oxygen as the blood that was supposed to flow in his veins poured from the remains of his hands. More blood began to pour from his nose as the Horseman continued to point at him, and Doom stumbled, falling to his knees in a pool of crimson.

His last coherent thought was that at least he’d tried to stop them.


[ profile] utilitygeek, is that a good enough death for you? And you get several pages before that (and dialogue!)
starting count: 85095
ending count: 85332
change: + 237

starting line:
She stood in the doorway, framed by a setting sun that washed her in what Diana feared might be a prophetic blood-red haze, her long black hair pulled back into a simple ponytail that showed off how young she really was.

ending line:
Nikki actually laughed at her, and Cleo snickered. “You and what army?” Nikki looked up over Chrys’ head. “Planning on summoning your Chaos Lord masters to help you, Healer?”

“I don’t think we’ve met yet,” the young woman continued, stalking forward, a sleek predator in her jeans and tee-shirt, her boot heels exclamation points to her smooth words. “My name is Nikki. I’m Death. And you’re the silly twit Madness and Lucifer have conned into helping them wreck the world, right?” She looked over at Thom. “I told you that you couldn’t hide from me.”


Then I went to a BBQ and my sinuses took over. *sigh* Took a night and killed things on WoW. Now I'm back to finish.

Wish me luck.
starting count: 84380
ending count: 85095
change: +715

starting line:

ending line:
For the second time in ten minutes, Diana’s world came to a stupefied halt as she stared at the girl who had haunted her dreams for most of the past two months.

She really hadn’t changed much: same blonde hair, same blue eyes, same cold haughtiness wrapped in almost childlike innocence. Funny how some people would look the same at sixty as they did at sixteen.


Someone's dead! And the showdown has started. We have Chrys, Nikki, Thom, Diana, Cleo and Alex all in one place.

Can we say boom, ladies and gentlemen?
starting count: 82960
ending count: 84380
change: +1420

starting line:
“But do you know what the worst part is?” he asked her, and she shook her head. “Feeling, at least in a part of my soul, like they’re right.”

ending line:
Gravel crunched outside and Tony froze. Who the hell? He went into the parlor and peeked out through the curtains. A large black van stood silently in the driveway.

“The breeder is fine,” Alex snapped. “I, on the other hand, am about ready to castrate you myself and leave here, taking the child with me. Why are we still cowering here and where is my Light Mage? We need to get this experiment moving again.”


New ending (sort of). In approximately 2 chapters, everything is going to go boom.

Big time boom.

[ profile] utilitygeek, your big moment is coming. Very soon. And yes, I will post it here as a darling. :)


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