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( May. 10th, 2009 04:09 pm)
Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there, especially MINE!

Today, I have marigolds and lettuce sprouting in their little greenhouse, pansies nodding their heads in the outside flower bed, and warm white chocolate macadamia nut cookies fresh from the oven.  I also have the remainder of a migraine and a disgustingly messy house, but I'm trying to ignore that part of the equation and focus on the positive.

Now I need to fold laundry and get some other stuff done, and then I can write.  If the headache will let me.  *sigh*

Sorry for that last entry - yesterday was a bad day. Today, I'm moving forward again - I have only 1 week to get stuff ready for Birka (eek!) and only 2 weeks to get ready for Mexico (double eek!)! So no time for the blues.

I'm also feeling better physically today - yesterday was a bad Crohn's day as well, which didn't help matters. I went home early, cleaned a bit, then gave up and played WoW.

Today, I'm going to see if himself wants to go out to dinner and then go see Underworld: Rise of the Lycans. Then it's home to clean more and get ready for Writer's Group tomorrow. I'm making Alton Brown's Baked Mac and Cheese. Mmmm. I even got panko breadcrumbs for the top. And I have pie shells - I might make a pie. Or a quiche. Oh, I have cranberries! I'm thinking cranberry muffins...

Himself hasn't texted me back. Hrmph. Maybe I'll see if Donna wants to go...
Wow, it feels really weird to NOT be working on a novel. But I have some other stuff to work on, so I'm not diving into Dreams right away. Giving myself a week off, so to speak.

Today was nuts at work - is it a full moon? Sweet hell, the weirdos who called in today! And then, at 3 pm, it DIED.

Completely bizarre.

To do tonight/this week, not necessarily in order:

1. Write up book review of Wicked Game and post it here
2. Write up FP review for Wicked Game
3. Write up my two FP reviews for the Time Rovers books
4. Two crits for DII
5. Finish editing chapters for Elements and get them back to my co-editor (who's probably ready to kill me by now)
6. Weed my landlady's garden (or attempt to - it's already tried to kill me once - I'm going back for round two tomorrow morning)
7. Finish the laundry
8. Make Argus a new tunic before Friday
9. Make myself a new dress before Friday
10. Buy walls for the popup, a new airmattress and a firepit

Hmm, wonder what Argus wants for food this weekend at GNEW...
Ramping up to the climax on Seasons. Finally. 14 chapters to go, and I think they'll go fast, if I can ever grab more than 10 minutes to write. *snarl* I need more time!

Luckily Friday is an off day for me (Remicade treatment) and I'll be blowing out at least four chapters if I have my druthers.

To do today -

1. Finish F451 paper
2. Make hot dog sushi lunch for tomorrow
3. Figure out dinner for tomorrow
4. 1 load of laundry

Oh, and put halters on cats again. Gotta get them used to it.

Hope y'all are having a good day!

Edited to add: Paper done. 5 pages. Tayla LOVED the yard. Sebastian - not so much. Bear didn't even make it outside. No hot dog sushi, but maybe for Friday. Got the important laundry done. Bed now.
Otherwise known as New Jersey. :D

Seriously, Mom, Dad and Argus picked me up from work at 1 pm EST on Friday and we were incommunicado until Monday night, so I'm WAYYY behind. The fact that I have spent more time looking at [ profile] irysangel's amazingly hysterical zombie faerytales (yes, seriously, go look them up) than writing hasn't helped. That, and I have a paper due Thursday that needs to be written.

Seriously, Quest rocked. [ profile] suelder showed up for a bit on Sunday and we got to watch [ profile] caitlindancer, [ profile] fencerm2 and others fence (no fencing for Val, because of lingering coughing) as we were one of the obstacles in the Quest. It was great - we got to ask every adult team that came up to us, "So, who has the strongest knees?" :D

Next event for us is Midsummers, June 7-9. It will be fun. I will NOT be merchanting. I will, however, be heralding. If you have business, email me at the captain_hobbes addy.

To dos this week:

1. Write paper
2. Get Elements stuff back to [ profile] davealaw
3. Finish Seasons
4. Send in quarterly reports
5. laundry
6. cooking

To dos before Midsummers:

1. make new dress
2. menu
3. stuff pillows
4. help [ profile] argus7hills make the bed

Oh, and I have to announce the winners of the art contest!!!! I was just waiting to get in touch with the winning artist. :D

And [ profile] snitchcat, I bought halters and leashes for my three cats today. We shall see about walking the cats. I promise pictures.
Because I am up early (gods help me) and want to get a bunch done today (hah!), I am posting a to-do list. As I am still in the grip of the sinus infection from hell, we'll see how much actually gets done.

Mike is coming over to write later, so I will be writing. That is a good thing.


1. Write 2k today.
2. Use up some of the damn eggs I still have from the wedding.

3. 2 loads of laundry, or we're going to work naked tomorrow.
4. Balance checkbook.
5. Make onigri for the week.
6. Post results from contest.
7. Post results from Livers for Boobies (and podcast!).
8. I'm sure there's something else.

I'll update during the day. Now, it's time for breakfast.
It's 54 degrees outside and sunny. I love it! So invigorating!

Here's my list of things that made me happy today:

1. Finding out that the reason you're sitting in traffic is because there is a massive wild tom turkey taking his morning constitutional in the road ahead. Man, he was HUGE, and just taking his own sweet time getting across the road. It was hysterical.

2. Enjoying a Starbucks Soymilk Chai after finding out that apparently Dunkin Donuts isn't carrying Chai anymore! (BTW, WTF??? You know, there ARE people out there who enjoy hot beverages that AREN'T coffee or cocoa!!!)

3. Finding out that chivalry ISN'T dead, and that the kindness of strangers isn't a myth. I locked my keys in my car at the hospital, and one of the valets was able to pop the door to get it open...and wouldn't even accept a tip in thanks! Just tipped his hat at me and told me to have a nice day. Made my day!

4. Manny hitting #491 today. Yes, they lost. So what? Manny only needs 9 more long balls to hit 500!!!! Go Manny Go!

5. IT IS SUNNY AND RELATIVELY WARM TODAY!!!!! I feel hope that the snow will truly be gone someday soon.

Tonight (since I did some writing at the hospital today - I had a Remicade treatment so had some time on my hands), I need to do the following:

- make peanut noodles for lunch tomorrow
- do dishes
- put away laundry
- make cranberry bread
- write some more

Time to get cracking!
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( Feb. 8th, 2008 01:45 pm)
Well, the lock on my driver's side door decided not to work today - I had to unlock the other side, and work the lock for several minutes before I could get in. But I got in! And I made it to the gym only a little late.

Arms today. OMG, my arms are wussy. Seriously. I'm sore, in ways my legs weren't. And tomorrow, I start my full routine.

So, I'm doing 45 minutes, 3 times a week. I start with 10-20 minutes of cardio, then either 20 minutes of lower and abs or uppers and abs, then another 10-20 minutes of cardio. I will die for the first two weeks, I'm predicting.

But I will persevere! I shall!

Tomorrow is also Dick and Tanya's party. Mmm. Can't wait.

Sunday is laundry, writing, dishes, cooking, writing and taxes. Bleah. But I have the 18th off! Yay!

More later.
I got the grocery shopping done last night, and made dinner. Then, I glanced at my computer and decided instead to take a leisurely bath and go to bed early. Needless to say, I didn't get anything written. Nor did we get to the gym. Oh well. I needed a bit more sleep.

Bounced out of bed this morning (scary thought, no?), and am ready to attack the world. Going to the gym tonight. Sending out all my reports. Steak for dinner (mmm, steak) that is marinating as we speak in soy and garlic. Words! Now I'm off to practice my knitting skills (which are not as good as my crochet skills, but I'm BORED with crochet and I want to make socks/sweaters/stuff).

More later.
Making myself a list, because I KNOW I'll forget something.

- write up court reports for Birka and send them out, along with Yule court reports (because apparently I sucked lots during December and forgot)
- post Yule Lost and Found to the Stonemarche list (yes, I suck, I completely forgot I had this)
- 750 more words on the Seasons outline
- Stop at Shaws for groceries
- Planet Fitness with [ profile] argus7hills tonight

Bleah. Doesn't sound like a lot, but it is.
Well, the updated forecast is predicting 6-12" of wet snow for tonight and tomorrow. Luckily, [ profile] argus7hills agreed to go to the store for me, so I can concentrate on laundry, dishes and editing.

I'm still sick, which is why I didn't make it to practice. Today, my head feels like it's stuffed with nails, and I'm fairly grumpy. I'm hiding it well in chat (seriously) but I'm grumpy. I just need to get stuff done today.

The to-do list:

- Finish DMP manuscript (priority!)
- laundry
- dishes
- make dinner tonight
- make lunches for tomorrow
- attempt to make homemade english muffins (although the one recipe I have calls for malt vinegar, and all I have is rice vinegar. I may still attempt this. We'll see.)
- feel better

I'm sure I'll post later.
Went to Cape Cod - forgot the Patriots played at home at 1 pm and got stuck in traffic for a bit (stupid people - don't you know the best way to watch the game is at home? Then you can actually HEAR the plays!), but it was a niceish day and I didn't mind too much.

Saw Nana and Aunt Anna and Uncle Stephan - Nana beat me 2 games to 1 in Scrabble (honestly, Goddess? Please let my mind be that sharp at 91!!!) and gave me a gorgeous pair of real opal earrings (yes, I get my love of opals from her, apparently). Anna also brought out some AWESOME pictures of Mom when she was little - oh, [ profile] caitlindancer, she looked EXACTLY like you when she was a baby. EXACTLY. There is NO way you were adopted, sorry. :p

Speaking of Mom and Dad, they are now loose in Ireland. I apologize to all you out there in advance - they can be a bit of a natural force when they get going. Luckily, they should only be there for about 10 days, and then they'll come home (we hope. They tend to do things impulsively - I MIGHT get a call that says "Sell the house and pack up the cats - we're staying!" Then I'll really have to get my passport.)

Oh, and one more thing. I had to buy new jeans today. I was bumming - the scale wasn't kind this morning. Then I went to the store - and walked out with jeans a size SMALLER than I was wearing when I went in! Good day!

And I stopped at Whole Foods in Bellingham. Thank god I don't live closer to that place - I'd be broke. But wow!

Bed soon. Just need to catch up on my flist and WW.
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( Sep. 19th, 2007 04:26 pm)
Avast! 'Tis Talk Like A Pirate Day, so if ye no ken what I be sayin', 'twill be the plank for ye! Ye can swim wit' the sharks!


Well, I've finished wallowing in self-pity (I got one evening to do that, then it was done) and I'm looking at other avenues. I've seen something for a tech writer - I've never done tech writing, but I'm thinking it might be interesting. We'll see. Any tech writers on my list got any advice for me?

Today, I'm hoping that I get VTO and can go home early, because this cold is literally kicking my butt. I'm stuffed and miserable, but I'm at work.

And I just got a frog that croaks. Go me!

*Welcome to Val on cold meds.

Edit: Yay! Going home at 10 pm!!! NyQuil, here I come!
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( Sep. 13th, 2007 06:59 pm)
My friend Donna, [ profile] irysangel and I went to the Red Arrow Diner, which is a NH Landmark. It's a 24-hr diner that has some of the best food ever (we did get cheese fries. We resisted the deep fried sourdough french toast with bacon, though). We talked writing and novels and characters and stuff for about 3 hours, and then Donna and [ profile] irysangel went back to Nashua, and I went to WalMart in Concord.

I got the cutest little Bissel vacuum - it works on hardwood floors AND carpets, is bagless and is SO light. I did most of the stairs and the living room today. YAY! A vacuum that works!!!

This morning, Evil Jocelyn met me at the Dartmouth DOC House, which is where we're holding Baronial Yule this year. It's a pirate theme this year (shocking, I know, since I'm running it and all) and I think we're going to have a BLAST. Then we went to lunch at Lou's (whole wheat grilled English muffins, topped with sliced tomato, steamed asparagus, two eggs over easy and melted fontina cheese, with fruit salad on the side) and then, once we were full, we went over to the King Arthur Flour Bakery Store and Outlet to browse. Um. Deadly. I got a tea strainer that just sits in your tea cup (so cool!), a gluten-free cookie mix, a gluten-free gingerbread mix and a bag of almond bark. Not bad, really.

I'm going to make the cookies and gingerbread tomorrow and bring them in for our team meeting, to see what people think. Jocelyn and I talked about a bunch of stuff to do for Yule, and one of the things I want to do is cookie decorating. [ profile] lysystrata, are food colorings okay? Can I just use the little tubes from the regular grocery store, or do I need to get special ones? Thanks in advance!

Jocelyn talked about maybe doing a pirate castle out of gingerbread - I'm thinking that would be cool for the kids to decorate - maybe they could trade it for Father Christmas? Hmm, ideas!

There's a super hill for sledding too - I hope we have snow. I'd love to see the final battle for Father Christmas be a snowball fight.

Tomorrow, I'm going to print out Belladonna Dreams and start working on revisions. It's eating my brain - I can't help it.

Now back to beading.
But this too shall pass. I am attempting to Zen my way through the situation.

This too shall pass. Deep breath.

In other news, everyone keep your fingers crossed. I'm hoping for good news in approximately 2 weeks. As soon as I have news, I'll let you all know.

This weekend promises to be interesting. I'm cleaning my sewing room. I'm doing massive amounts of laundry. I want to bake. And, of course, I'm going to write.

That is, if I don't get REALLY irritated and throw it all over to go to New York for Saturday.

[ profile] watermelontail, you want a guest (in case Deb doesn't?)? I might need to get away and drive for a bit.
I didn't finish the timeline (again), but I did get a crit done for DII, and I got the letter of Marque for the Scorned Lady typed up so I can give it to Poppy at Harper's. And I've snuggled Bear.

So now I'm off to bed. I'm going to aim to be up at 10:30 am, so I can finally get my living room clean (because it looks like a laundromat vomited up into it) and start on the laundry in my bedroom. And dinner tomorrow is easy, since the meat is already done. Just need to make veggies and stuffing.

Oh, and I need to call the eye doctor. MUST remember to call the eye doctor.

And write. And clean. And belly-dance.

It never ends, do it?
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( Mar. 25th, 2007 11:26 pm)
Well, went to see TMNT with Donna, Ian (her six-year-old son) and [ profile] argus7hills. It was a fun movie, not quite what I was expecting, but fun. And had some good lines. Patrick Stewart and Sarah Michelle Gellar are some of the actors lending voices to it - SMG was April, and was really good.

Then we went to dinner with our (hopefully!) future landlords and filled out the rental application. I need to get them a few more pieces of information, but that's all. Just a few phone numbers. Then crossing our fingers and continuing to pack. :)

I'm trying a new method of writing today. I've got a timer I've downloaded from the Net, and I'm doing 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. It seems to be working. Go me! I need to start getting solid counts in - I feel like I'm slacking off.

I'll be putting in a Partylite order this week - if anyone wants anything, let me know.

And hopefully, [ profile] argus7hills' car will be ready tomorrow. Please. Goddess. Let it be ready. I need to get my little Petite (yes, [ profile] mizkit, she's decided she has the soul of a Mustang, and it's the only name she answers to now) back. The Kia gets me around, but she's not mine.

Don't forget two more things:

1) We're still accepting proposals for the new Guide to Writing Fantasy: Magic. Email me at up until 3/31/07.

2) I'm still accepting name proposals for the desktop (male) and the new laptop (female). Winning namers get a copy of NYFH, signed!!

Back to writing now.
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( Mar. 16th, 2007 10:06 pm)
No accident, no nothing - not even really sliding, which was amazing. Now I'm home, I've got a list of stuff to do tonight and most importantly - everyone I care about up here is home as well. Yay! Now we can enjoy the storm.

To Do Tonight:

- WRITE!!! Write as much as possible on Dreams.
- Book airline ticket and car rental for May despite my own stupidity, this is now done. And hopefully I'll learn someday the difference between 7 AM and 7 PM.
- I'm sure there's something else, but damned if I can remember it...

Off to look at flights..
vg_ford is a restricted area. Authorised personel only



Oh, and I'm going to Iowa in May!!! More later, but here's the link...

Mystery Writers Workshop

With the ever-cool Tamara Siler Jones as a speaker!!!
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( Dec. 11th, 2006 04:03 am)
I slept late, after leaving the Baron's birthday party early with a queasy tummy, and then had to run out to [ profile] jackoutofthebox's house to deliver presents and get my keys that I'd left at the Yule event yesterday. *sigh* The munchkins loved their gifts, and we adored our's too - a gift cert to the Outback (yay!) and a cool book on patterning. We got them a gift cert to Barnes & Noble - a sure-fire gift for a Scadian. ;)

Then it was home, to make homemade fudge for work gifts. Of course, making fudge when you can't eat any of it (I'm starting my prep for my scope on Tuesday) is not the brightest idea, but I needed to start it.

This is the BEST fudge evah, btw. I got the recipe from [ profile] enchantedonyx, and I love it. SO easy.

Onyx's Miracle Fudge
-Melt one bag of chocolate chips in the microwave.
-Mix in one can of frosting.
-Let harden.

Even [ profile] caitlindancer, who makes fudge the old-fashioned way, says it's awesome. I'm mixing in some cool stuff this year - just made a batch of white chocolate fudge with toffee bits mixed in. Yum!

Now to write, and then to bed. I'm working days tomorrow (bleah).


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