I've got stuff to do today, but the sun is shining and I have decided I am enjoying the day as well as working. So I'm at the studio, working lazily. I also got some neat fat squares at Jo-Ann's (yay, sales!) so I'll be cutting out stuff in between writing.


1. Late Birka court report (sigh)
2. Not quite as late but still late Quarterly Report (sigh again)

3. Decide which project I'm writing on for Writer's Group and write
4. Morning pages
5. Cut out hexagons for crazy quilt

Yep, trying my first quilt in years. We'll see how it goes.

First, Court reports.

Edited to add: 786 words on the Tales summary, Princess plotbunny simmering (it refuses to be punted) and fabric ironed. Now, off to class, where Princess plotbunny might get some notes written. (What, you expect me to take NOTES during class? Heresy.)
You know, I get more done when I have one of these up. So be prepared to see more of them. :P

Working noon to 10:30 pm, and if it's like what it was the rest of the week, it will be dead. And it's the start of the 3-day weekend, so yay!

1. Mail out [livejournal.com profile] jmeadows chocolate.
2. Print out discussion questions for English and Wills, Estates and Trusts.
3. 2 squares of Sam's blanket
4. Update my Goodreads account
5. Packing list for this weekend/next week.
6. Look up movie times for The Green Hornet for Saturday

And two that I really shouldn't need to put on here, but apparently I do, because I'm not very good at taking care of myself:

- Take ALL my medications
- Drink plenty of fluids

Yes, those actually need to be on my to-do list. How pathetic is that?
First and foremost, Happy Birthday to one of my favorite pirate cohorts - [livejournal.com profile] madkestrel! I hope the rum flows freely today!

Secondly, for those who don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook (why not???), my colonoscopy yesterday came back not only clean for colon cancer, but for Crohn's as well. That means 8 years in remission. Yay! I'm on a very expensive medication, but dammit, it's working. No surgeries. No losing time or pieces of my gastrointestinal system. I'm so happy!

Thirdly, I'm only 1 day behind on my NaNo counts! I'm off work today, recovering from the scope yesterday, and the doctor said to take it easy. So I'm writing. Mostly. I do have some small things I want to do.

Writing this weekend too, which is awesome. I should bank some good words against next week, when I go back to work, and start my Wills, Estates and Trusts class. (bleah)

To-Do list on a recovery day:
1. WRITE! Goal for today is 3k.
2. Morning pages
3. Put aways dishes in the dishrack.

4. Wash dishes in the sink.
5. Put away laundry in the dining room.
6. Fold laundry in the kitchen.

That's it. I'm making sausage subs and maple-sugar popcorn for dinner and dessert, and planning on watching wrestling tonight with the hubby. Because that's how we roll. :D
- Make cranberry bread
- Make sugar cookies

- Clean off dining room table
- Put laundry away
- Vacuum living/dining room
- Put up pavilion
- Put cinnamon bun dough in bread machine
- Frost cookies
- make zucchini rounds
- bake off phyllo shells
- make bananas foster
- make whipped cream
- fill shells with bananas foster and lemon curd
- make tuna fish
- clean off tea cups and saucers
- make sandwiches
- make chocolate covered strawberries
- put up tables
- make tea!

Yeah, that's a list. Yeesh.
My folks were gone all week, so I was commuting from my house to work to their house every day - which made for very, very long hours. Today, I'm taking it easy and doing stuff around the house.

Episode 2 of Horsemen drops tonight - it's on my computer as we speak, and I'm about to listen to it. Also, I'm interviewed today on Mitchell Plested's excellent podcast "Get Published", which is a great resource for writers looking to get published. I've been listening for a while, long before I was asked to be interviewed. Go and take a listen!

To Do list for today:
- Feed the kitties
- Dishes
- Listen to the Horseman episode
- Laundry -started!
- Write 2k on Rites
- Read Chapter 8 in Criminal Law
- Cooking:
A. Dinner (honey-mustard pork loin, fruited mushroom stuffing, roasted veggies)
B. Mini Quiches for breakfast this week

C. Popcorn
D. Cut up a watermelon from the garden
E. Caprese Salad sadly, no tomatoes. but watermelon!
- Daily menus for the week

That looks good. Now, time for another cup of tea and breakfast, then time to start on the list for the day.
This journal is my all-encompassing journal, but I'm trying to keep the one on the website just writing stuff. So that's why you'll see some of these posts there, but not all of them. Especially things like today's to-do list. :)

Speaking of, here it is!

1. Fold and put away laundry
2. Meal plans for the week.
3. Cook!
- Waldorf Chicken Salad
- Dinner tonight (fish, mmm)
- Dinner for tomorrow night
4. Write 2k on Rites
5. Take a walk

We'll see what else I get done, but that's the core of the list today.

I'm in FM Chat and will probably drop into DII chat too. Have a good day, folks!
Today is the funeral for Argus' brother (if you're interested, the funeral home is Callahan and Fay in Worcester - the funeral is 5-8 pm tonight) and so I'm a bit busy. Have stuff I need to get done, and not a lot of time to do it.

One thing I've noticed - I tend to have the TV on in the background a lot. This needs to end, because I get sucked in. So I'm rediscovering my iPod - I have SO many podcasts to catch up on that it's not funny, and I can do other things while I'm listening. The TV is going to be lonely - sorry, TV. Chat might be going away for a bit too, at least until I get my routine down. I need to start getting words again, and I'm not.

To Do for Wednesday:

1. Drop off library stuff.
2. Get stuff for strawberry-rhubarb crisp.
3. Make strawberry-rhubarb crisp.

4. 1k on Rites.
5. Clean off Neo.
6. Dishes.
7. Laundry.

Heading out now. Back later with updates.
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( Jun. 22nd, 2010 12:33 pm)
To do list:

1. Run virus scans on all three computers. In progress now.
2. Clean kitchen:
a. dishes
b. counter
c. refrigerator

d. microwave
3. Return stuff to library
4. Get stuff for strawberry-rhubarb crisp
5. Make crisp
6. Clean out car

Writing and recording later tonight, if voice holds up.

Edited to add: Not going out today. Library and crisp stuff will be tomorrow, before the funeral. I'm exhausted. Stupid treatment week.
Simple list today:

1. Email - done. will check this evening.
2. LJ updates - also done, once this post is up.
3. Write 5k on Rites.
4. Clean out the sink during breaks from writing.
5. Run laundry during breaks from writing - fold tonight after doing homework.
6. Take break at 3 pm to go to Farmer's Market? (not sure on this one - depends on whether or not I'm on a roll)

I'm in FM chat and on Twitter. Look for the #deathmarch tag. :D
It is a rainy, thundery Sunday, and the Red Sox are playing Baltimore again. Can we go for the sweep? Would be awesome, but we'll see.

I have a bunch of stuff to do today:
- laundry
- clean up the living room and vacuum
- food plans for the week
- make half-and-half (lemonade/iced tea mix)
- make taco meat
- record promo for Horseman podcast
- write

And I leave you with the awesomeness that I must see this summer: Johnny Baseball, the new musical about the Red Sox and the Curse! Anyone in the NH/MA/ME/VT/CT area wanna go?
Yep, today we have a to-do list. I crashed early yesterday (not early enough to miss the Sox losing, sadly - fell asleep with the tv on and I woke up to hear that we blew it in the 10th) and slept late (9:00 am). I think I needed it - I'm finding myself getting really tired at night, and I'm not sure why, but I think it's because I'm not eating on a correct schedule yet. I need to work on that. This is a completely different way to eating, and something I need to understand. Not only that, but I need to make sure I'm not overscheduling myself - I need down days.

Today is a down day.

To Do:

- Dishes
- Laundry
- Take Argus' van to Sam's and get 2 new tires - Damn, van tires are expensive. But now he has all new tires! Yay!
- Go to the Co-op and get chocolate - [livejournal.com profile] jmeadows is going to be VERY happy in a week or so....
- Research diabetic cooking
- Stop at library for a few cookbooks - stopped, but library is currently closed Sundays. Bah.
- 500 words on Rites

Nothing too huge. Just a quiet day.

Off to get my 2nd cup of tea and start the dishes.
I hate waking up with a to-do list staring at me. At least, every day. It would be nice to have ONE day to do nothing and not feel guilty. Therefore, I declare next Thursday, May 6, as "Fuck the To-Do List Day." Anyone joining me?

As it's not the 6th, I have a to-do list.

1. Clean out the Escort. - Done! Now when we pick up the Sonata on Wednesday, it will take approximately 1 minute to transfer everything: the tapes, the stuff in the glove box, the fencing gear and the two small pads in the back.
2. Dishes.
3. Laundry.
4. Clean up the living room.
5. Make more chex mix.
6. Make fruit squares.
7. 500 words on Rites

I think dinner tonight is pizza. Dominos pizza, even.
And Stuff is what I'm planning on doing. The Red Sox game is at 7:10 pm - by then, I'll be ready to hang out in front of the tv.

To Do on a Sunny Saturday:
1. Morning Pages - already done. Trying to make this an automatic morning habit.
2. Make breakfast - banana pancakes. And the rest of the bacon. - mmm, banana pancakes. No bacon, though. Maybe BLTs for lunch tomorrow.
3. Make sausages for lunch.
4. Go get planetarium passes at the library for tomorrow. - Boo, passes for tomorrow were gone! They only had one per day. *sniff* We're going anyways.
5. Go to Goodwill for sheets and the bread store for pumpernickel bread. - Achieved! And some other stuff as well - but nothing huge. I needed a new cutting board. We have a cool Goodwill store - it's like a cross between Goodwill and Building 19. Seriously.
6. Clean the back porch off. - Holy crap, am I sore. But it's clean! We can use part of it!
7. Clean out the Escort. - Um, no. Not today. Too sore after the porch.

That's a good day. I'll be on Twitter most of the day - I think I'm bringing the laptop out to the porch to run iTunes, to keep me motivated.

Hope you guys have a good day!
Food for today:
- Raspberry brownies
- Pizza dough
- BBQ Chicken for pizza

- Ham, spinach and cheese mini quiches
- Chex mix!
- berry cobbler
- BBQ Pizza
- Salad
- Maple-glazed Salmon
- Herbed Rice Pilaf
- Roasted Garlic Broccoli
- Pasta

Wow, that's a list! I'd better get busy!
Must to do the following tomorrow:

- Find car title. (this to be accomplished while cleaning office)
- Cook for the week:
BBQ Chicken Pizza
Mini ham and broccoli quiches
Chex mix
Berry cobbler
Maple glazed salmon, rice pilaf, garlic spinach
- Clean out car (ugh and only if it's not raining)

I lead such an exciting life...
I adore 4-day weekends. Just sayin'.

Time for Snooch and Eben to come out again for a while. I adore this userpic. And since RavenCon is coming up, I thought it appropriate. (If you don't follow the adventures of Snooch and Eben, consider yourself beaten. Then get thee over to Two Lumps and catch up. Seriously? I thought everyone read them.)

Got lots to do today, so we're going back to a list. Because baby, I needs me my lists.

1. Make packing list for RavenCon.
2. Laundry!
3. Dishes!
4. Grocery shopping

5. Vacuum the living room
6. Finish setting up vg-ford.com
7. Study for midterm exam on Tuesday

I want to try and clean the porch today as well, but it's not a priority. I also want to record my first attempt at a bumper for Horseman, but the Big Game is on tonight, so I might not get there.

Yes, folks, it's here! Opening Day! At 8 pm EST, the Red Sox face off against the Evil Empire in Boston!!!!!


Happy Easter, everyone!
yep, finally started the soda battle again, and I had only 3 20 oz. Mt. Dews and 1 12-oz. can of Coke in the last seven days. I call that a victory.

Heading out to the gym now, and will be back later to post metrics and stuff. And write. And clean.

1. Gym
2. Grocery Shopping
3. Pick up computer from studio

4. Fold and put away laundry
5. Cook for the week
6. Vacuum the living room and dining room
7. Finish "Unchained"
8. Record "Unchained"

9. 500 words on Last Rites

Is not too terrible. Has to be done by 10:30 pm. Eek!
I know, shocking, right? Although the list isn't that long today, thankfully.

1. Birka meeting, 2 pm, Manchester

2. Laundry

3. Cooking
a. Beef and Rice
b. Baked Pasta and Sausage

4. Grocery store on the way home from Birka Meeting and Mom & Dad's

5. Writing

Yep, that's it.

I'm working my way up to the climax in the outline - got 1379 words yesterday, and I think I might finish the outline today. That's the goal. I need to be in bed by 11 tonight, because I have to be on the phones at 9 am tomorrow (bleah), and I need at least 30 minutes before bed to unwind with no outside stimulation (ie, TV or computer), so I have until 10 pm to do this stuff. It's nearly noon. Time to take over the world.
Wonderful hubby let me sleep myself out until nearly noon, which I needed. I was going to go out to the winter Farmer's Market with [livejournal.com profile] beard5 and my folks, but instead I have decided to take a day to myself. I've eaten and had my first cup of tea, written my morning pages, and am feeling sort of human. Here's the to-do list, pretty much in order:

1. Get dressed and go get dry food for cats, seltzer, and possibly something yummy for lunch (yay, well-stocked corner market!!) no seltzer, so I indulged with Mt. Dew Throwback. I know, I know.

2. Birka Merchants update:
a. Send acknowledgements of checks received
b. reply to emails
c. do tentative map for meeting tomorrow
d. write up scroll list

3. Do dishes and make lunch

4. Write on Last Rites. (the goal is to finish the outline this weekend, but I'd prefer to do it today)

While I'm doing this, I shall also be downloading iTunes on the Lair computer, and loading in some of the music I don't currently have on the laptop. I might also take a moment or two to drool over the iTouch that I think I might want to upgrade to this summer.

This is a doable plan today. [livejournal.com profile] argus7hills has gone to play Amtgard, and depending on what's happening with our group tonight, I might go out to Nashua to hang out, but a lot depends on how I'm feeling. I missed nearly 1.5 days this week with illness, and I don't want to start the year off running myself ragged.

Oh, and don't forget the contest is still running! I've moved the entry to the top of my blog for the next week, so you can see it. Tell your friends! Tell strangers! Let's get Jill so many titles that she'll have to get a 30-book series! :D (Yes, I'm enjoying it that much)
You know, I realized that my Sundays are NEVER a day of rest. I'm more Jewish than I know - my days of rest tend to be Saturdays. Amusing.

Today, I'm taking it slow. I'm achy, sniffly and tired, despite sleeping nearly 12 hours, and calling into work tomorrow is NOT an option, unless I'm dying. Or vomiting. Neither of which seems likely, so I need to get stuff done.

Here's the to-do list today:
- Birka Merchant Reservations
- Birka Wait List
- Laundry folded
- Laundry put away
- Menu for week
- Cooking for week

- Email Jocelyn re: Thursday
- Email Birka Meeting email to [livejournal.com profile] aishabintjamal
- Budget for January
- Run rent check over to landlord
- Make banana bread mmm, banana bread...
- Update virus protection on Lair Computer

Oh, and I need to write tonight. Wow, I'd better get my arse in gear. :D


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