I have the bestest friends, did you know that? [livejournal.com profile] argus7hills and I have gotten like 4 calls from folks around the state, wanting to know if we have heat/power/are okay. Yes, we are, and yes, our house is open if folks who do NOT have power/heat/hot water want to stop by and shower, warm up, etc.

I loves you guys.

Today, I am staying HOME. I am taking out some of my new teacups (lovely, lovely!) and drinking tea (and cranberry soda and vodka, occasionally) and writing. I will finish Three Ships today. I will NOT play WoW until after 8 pm, if I get stuff done.

I might, however, make cinnamon buns. I haven't decided yet. But I'm contemplating baking...something.
I'm free! I'm free!

Okay, now that's out of my system, I've got LOTS to do today. :)

Saturday Stuffs to do:

1. Hang the Christmas lights outside! Done, and who knew Lowe's sold MAGIC Christmas lights??? I hung them up, turned them on to check to make sure I'd done it right...and it started to FLURRY!!! Magic! I'm thrilled! No, the lights aren't on now - but tonight....
2. Clean the mess in the hall.
3. Fold and put away the laundry in the living room.
4. Clean off the dining room table.
5. Make dinner.

I'd like to get to clean the kitchen today as well, but we'll see. That might be tomorrow morning, because I'm still exhausted from the week.

And yes, I'll be writing later. And WoWing after that.

It's a good weekend.
Boring, but needed.

- check circulars and see what's on sale
- make food plan
- shop Target online for fire pit and shelves
- 5k on Snow
- Write up notes from Shanghai and work on plan of attack for novel
- Call UMass Memorial and verify Remicade treatment
- Call Rite Aid and reorder meds

- Plan of attack for the weekend as well
- go to Gym
- Go to Target and buy stuff
My landlady just gave me more zucchini. One of them, no fooling, is FOUR POUNDS. Yes, you saw that right. Four POUNDS. Lots of zucchini bread this winter!

Hubby and I missed movie yesterday, so we're going today. And woot! Student rate tickets!!! And since I can't have soda anymore, I'm bringing the big purse with drinks in it. ;) I can't wait - I adore Movie Theater Popcorn.

I need to hit the grocery store afterwards - kittens need hard food, and I need some canning supplies. I also need some Worcestershire sauce and some pie shells. So here's the to-do list today:

1. Laundry!!!! (starting that NOW)
2. Dishes
3. Movie at 3 pm
4. Grocery store

5. Spinach/Zucchini Quiche
6. Shephard's pie
7. Venison burgers and zucchini stir fry for dinner

8. Peach pie/cobbler
9. Pasta with peanut sauce for lunches

Whew! time to get busy!

I'm also going to be writing today. Gotta get busy on Snow.
So much for Sunday being a day of rest. :p

I didn't sleep well, so I got up later than I wanted. That doesn't mean I have any less to do, though. So here's the list, because otherwise, I won't get everything done.

Home Stuff
1. Laundry
2. Dishes
3. List for hubby to go to WalMart for me.

4. Baking - chocolate chip coffee cake and a surprise
5. Shephard's pie for the week
6. Pasta bake with sausage for the week
7. Homemade pasta sauce (gotta use those tomatos up!)
8. Food/meal list for the week

Class Stuff
1. Send notes to classmates on Lilies of the Field
2. Write Paper!


Damn, it looks so intimidating...oh well, it won't get done if I don't start!

added later: I need amaretto for these peaches. Mmm, amaretto-soaked peaches for Harpers - someone, please, bring a grill!
I has ONE RED cherry tomato! The rest are still green, but there are TONS of them. I haven't killed them yet!

And the zucchini exploded this morning in the garden. SERIOUSLY! I have three monsters (including one that's probably registerable as a deadly weapon) and three good-sized ones. Guess who's making zucchini bread today!

I'm back to a to-do list, because I want to do a ton today. Including walking to the store for eggs and a newspaper.

To-Do on a lazy Saturday...

1. Walk to the Cumby's and get eggs and a newspaper. Done! Bloody hot out, but done! And I feel much better.
2. Make zucchini bread!first two loaves are in! The Zucchini that Ate Manhattan will probably spawn at least 4 more loaves, though...anyone in the NH area want zucchini bread??? Edit: Actually, it was 2 loaves and about 20 monster muffins. And I have more.
3. Make garlicky-cheese biscuits for dinner tonight.Not doing this. We don't need them.
4. Pasta with popped cherry tomatoes and zucchini and garlic for dinner. Cherry tomatoes and cubed zucchini are roasting in the oven with italian herbs, and pasta water is on.
5. LAUNDRY!!! I have like 4 loads to fold and put away, and more to do.
6. Find my dining room table again. Not only found, but junk mail shredded and bills organized.
7. Defrost chicken for tomorrow's dinner.In the fridge as we speak.
8. 1 crit for DII
9. Two chapters to Dave.

Okay, back later!
So I don't forget anything:

1. Laundry to fold in living room and put away
2. 2 more chapters of Seasons
3. Cook lamb chops for tomorrow
4. Cook spinach and bok choy for tomorrow

5. Wash dishes
6. Put away dishes
7. Pack Lunches for tomorrow
8. Pack dinner for me for tomorrow

Busy, busy! luckily, most of it doesn't take that long.

More updates as I go through. Email and LJ might have to wait until tomorrow.
Ramping up to the climax on Seasons. Finally. 14 chapters to go, and I think they'll go fast, if I can ever grab more than 10 minutes to write. *snarl* I need more time!

Luckily Friday is an off day for me (Remicade treatment) and I'll be blowing out at least four chapters if I have my druthers.

To do today -

1. Finish F451 paper
2. Make hot dog sushi lunch for tomorrow
3. Figure out dinner for tomorrow
4. 1 load of laundry

Oh, and put halters on cats again. Gotta get them used to it.

Hope y'all are having a good day!

Edited to add: Paper done. 5 pages. Tayla LOVED the yard. Sebastian - not so much. Bear didn't even make it outside. No hot dog sushi, but maybe for Friday. Got the important laundry done. Bed now.
Otherwise known as New Jersey. :D

Seriously, Mom, Dad and Argus picked me up from work at 1 pm EST on Friday and we were incommunicado until Monday night, so I'm WAYYY behind. The fact that I have spent more time looking at [livejournal.com profile] irysangel's amazingly hysterical zombie faerytales (yes, seriously, go look them up) than writing hasn't helped. That, and I have a paper due Thursday that needs to be written.

Seriously, Quest rocked. [livejournal.com profile] suelder showed up for a bit on Sunday and we got to watch [livejournal.com profile] caitlindancer, [livejournal.com profile] fencerm2 and others fence (no fencing for Val, because of lingering coughing) as we were one of the obstacles in the Quest. It was great - we got to ask every adult team that came up to us, "So, who has the strongest knees?" :D

Next event for us is Midsummers, June 7-9. It will be fun. I will NOT be merchanting. I will, however, be heralding. If you have business, email me at the captain_hobbes addy.

To dos this week:

1. Write paper
2. Get Elements stuff back to [livejournal.com profile] davealaw
3. Finish Seasons
4. Send in quarterly reports
5. laundry
6. cooking

To dos before Midsummers:

1. make new dress
2. menu
3. stuff pillows
4. help [livejournal.com profile] argus7hills make the bed

Oh, and I have to announce the winners of the art contest!!!! I was just waiting to get in touch with the winning artist. :D

And [livejournal.com profile] snitchcat, I bought halters and leashes for my three cats today. We shall see about walking the cats. I promise pictures.
Boring list, sorry.

1. Write out blurb for pirate plotbunny so it will GO AWAY AND LEAVE ME ALONE!
2. 2k in Seasons
3. Grocery run for crescent rolls and soda for Bri
4. More later.

and yes, I realize that anyone who was in chat the last few days knows who got arrested, but not everyone who reads this is in chat!! :p
So, here's what I need to do this week, before Friday morning, for Quest.

1. Clean up the fencing kit and charge the lightsaber (and duck, before [livejournal.com profile] caitlindancer beats me)

2. Wash garb and pack it

3. Make sausage rolls

4. Find someone to feed kittens over the weekend ([livejournal.com profile] aishabintjamil, are you guys going to Panteria?)

5. Decide what from the freezer is going for the grill Sunday night

6. Decide the rest of the menu and go shopping.

7. Bring the other skein of yarn home so I can work on my scarf at Quest

8. Make sure to pack Apples to Apples in garb box

I think that's it. I'll update through out the week.
Because I am up early (gods help me) and want to get a bunch done today (hah!), I am posting a to-do list. As I am still in the grip of the sinus infection from hell, we'll see how much actually gets done.

Mike is coming over to write later, so I will be writing. That is a good thing.


1. Write 2k today.
2. Use up some of the damn eggs I still have from the wedding.

3. 2 loads of laundry, or we're going to work naked tomorrow.
4. Balance checkbook.
5. Make onigri for the week.
6. Post results from contest.
7. Post results from Livers for Boobies (and podcast!).
8. I'm sure there's something else.

I'll update during the day. Now, it's time for breakfast.
Just a personal list. Nothing really to see - but I need to remember it.

- Email questions to Jeri
- Finish Wicked Game
- Start notes for Mirrors
- Start notes for Rites
- Read Farenheit 451
- Buy new crock pot

I'm sure I'll think of more later, but that's it for now.
Well, I'm sore and stiff, but the nausea is gone, so I'm back to work. Lots of stuff to do today, so I'd better get cracking!

To-Do List for Work:

1. Write 3k on Seasons. I have GOT to get this damn book done. Got to. No more excuses.

2. Balance checkbook. *shudder*

3. Con writeup. I'm going to do a write-up of what worked and what didn't. I love cons because I always come out of them so fired up to do stuff. I hate cons because I usually come out of them sick. Ah well.

4. Update my schedule. Because if I don't, I'm going to be lost very, very quickly.

5. Goals for May. I have no idea if I hit my April goals, but I need to start tracking this better.

6. Calendars for May. I need to make up my work calendar and my personal writing calendar for May.

To-Do tonight at home:

1. Make last 4 Ember Day Tarts

2. Take out pork loins to thaw to roast tomorrow. I should be able to roast at least 3 of them tomorrow. That leaves 2 for Thursday.

3. 1 load of laundry

4. Another bag of cheese puffs

Damn, I'm going to be busy. I'd better get cracking.
I love the day before a con. Really. It's so...invigorating, as I run around trying to get everything done that I've forgotten to do before. Add in the cooking I've been doing, and it's just a great cardio workout, really.


No, seriously, this is when I start getting really excited for the con. I can't wait! I'll get to hang out with a ton of friends, enjoy good food and good booze, AND this year I get to do TWO presentations at Monacan High School! Not to mention the fact that I'm being trusted to moderate the Voices of Tomorrow panel on Saturday (if you can hit this, I would. It's really cool - the students of Monacan talk about their part in shaping the future of fantasy and science fiction). And of course, Livers for Boobies Saturday night!


I have a ton of stuff to do today. I've already started, and my list is long:

1. Order Business Cards. Sent this morning before work
2. packing list for RavenCon Although I'm sure I'm forgetting something...
3. Finish stuffing tea bags I've done about 60. That's enough.
4. Do Sears refund Done and wow! So easy!!!
5. create handouts for Monacan
6. register car
7. go get pork loins from [livejournal.com profile] aishabintjamil
8. balance checkbook I feel so poor now... :p
9. stop at Sam's Club (if I have time) and find out why they doublecharged me.
10. stop at bank and deposit checks.

No sweat. :p

Also, did you guys like the Word of the Day? Would you like to see more? Let me know below:

[Poll #1175770]
Made it to the gym today - go me!

I have a bunch of stuff to do today, and it's TAX DAY! Which means all my calls today will most likely be "What do you mean I can't get my W2 teleported to my hands right now????" :p

For those of you who need it, here is the instructions on filing for an extension for your taxes. And it's free!

Here's my to-do list today:

1. Go to gym! Done! Strength training today, so I am owwww!!!
2. 1 load of laundry
3. 1k on Seasons
4. 1 crit for DII
5. Catch up on email stuffs
6. Switch EZ Pass to new card
7. Call HR Solutions for tuition reimbursement question I am GOOD at asking weird questions that must be checked into.
8. Balance checkbook Done, and we still have money!O_o How weird is that?
9. Order new contacts Done. How did we exist again without the internet?
10. Check BPAL for new fragrances

Busy, busy. But the sun was shining this morning, and the birds are singing again, and my windows are open on my car (just a bit). And the Sox won again! Go Sox!
Okay, it's official. I'm in a MUCH better mood when I go to the gym first thing in the morning. How sad is that? I grew up into...a morning person. O_o

Anyways, did 4 miles on the bike this morning - much easier on the knee. Next week, my goal is to go all 5 days - M/W/F will be bike, T/TH will be strength training. We'll see how it goes.

Lots to do today, but I'm out at 2:30 (yay!) so I have time to do it. Here's the list:

1. pay bills
2. grocery list
3. cut out coupons

4. clean living room
5. clean kitchen
6. make dinner
7. write 1k for Seasons

Busy day! Hope you guys are doing well!

Miles to Rivendell: 453
More lists. [livejournal.com profile] shadawyn, you're not the only one who lives according to their lists! :)

1. at least 750 words on Seasons
2. 3 loads of laundry

3. finish cleaning up living room
4. Set up crockpot roast for tomorrow in fridge, so it can just be put out tomorrow morning.

Oh, and just saw a trailer for The Forbidden Kingdom. I know where I will be on April 18th. Wow!

And fwiw, The Scariest Places on Earth is one of the cheesiest paranormal shows I've ever seen.
I need to do stuffs today. >.<

1. Balance checkbook!
2. Cut coupons
3. Find a good crockpot recipe for the pork shoulder in my fridge
4. READ!!!

I have forgotten one of the cardinal rules of writing - to be a good writer, you also have to be a reader. It's been ages since I picked up a good book. So I'm settling in with "Sojourn" by Jana Oliver, so I can read the second one before RavenCon and squee at her about it. And demand to know what happens in the 3rd. :p

I'll do a happiness post later.
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( Mar. 28th, 2008 08:06 am)
Yep, made it into work despite the snow. Went to bed early last night, AFTER getting everything done I needed to, and woke up at 5:30 to be into work by 7, so I wouldn't have to worry about traffic.

It's still snowing. And now the forcast is for more snow on Monday. *headdesk* I'm done!!!

Okay, things to be happy about:

1. Rent is paid! And I still have money left over! (not enough for my Neo this month, but that's okay. I have until Pennsic to get one)

2. The heavenly smell of my tea this morning: Island Mango and Peach white tea. MMMMmmmmm....

3. It's FRIDAY!!! And hopefully we'll be hanging out tonight at Strange Brew with friends.

4. I'm wearing low heels today. And the knee isn't bothered!

5. Got more written on Seasons last night - a sweet scene with Derek, who's getting more and more confused. :D

Today, I have a few things I want to accomplish:

- write (duh)
- reset the passwords on my online banking for the credit union (don't ask)
- finish my budget for April
- calendar for work for April
- writing calendar for April

What makes your Friday happy??

Oh, and [livejournal.com profile] shadawyn, I found a pattern last night to knit my own armwarmers. I'm seriously tempted to try them this summer, once I finish my scarf.


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