Metrics for Dark Moon Seasons

Starting Count: 6490
Ending Count: 7363

Starting Line: -But would she help me?- he wondered, looking at the pictures of his younger half-sister that still dotted the room, since he hadn't bothered to redecorate when he bought the house.

Ending Line: Tony cleared his throat. "Hi little sister," he said finally and heard her gasp. "How's it going?"

Metrics for Broken Wings

Starting Count: 528
Ending Count: 1408

Very sleepy now. But good counts! I am happy.

And before I forget - Happy Birthday, Gwen!!!!
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( Jun. 29th, 2007 05:09 pm)
Awesome things happening today.

1. Thanks to [ profile] magicnoire for this tidbit on Ghosthunters - alas, I cannot be available in October 2007 (since that's work's busy season), so I'll just have to watch. New episodes are on now, though - I'll have to start taping again!

2. Life is starting to get back to normal. Sunday is a WRITING DAY! Saturday I'll be braiding hair and selling stuff to little girls at the Ren Faire. Wish me luck!

3. Fried chicken for dinner. With garlic mashed potatoes and onion dill bread. Why yes, I'm not following my Weight Watchers this week, why do you ask??? (actually, except for the massive amount of soda I've been drinking, I've been pretty good)

4. Ep. 1 of Broken Wings will be done by Sunday. Do I have any comic book readers who'd like to proof-read for stupid errors for me?

5. More later.
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( Jun. 24th, 2007 02:15 pm)
Considering the email I got earlier today, I've got some modified goals for today.

1. Five pages of Ep. 1 of Broken Wings
2. 1k on Blood Sacrifice
3. 5k on Dark Moon Seasons

It's a lot, but I have all day to do it, and no one around to bug me. If I'm feeling especially creative, I might try and finish Wings tonight, but I'm starting with Seasons. Updates later today.
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( Feb. 20th, 2007 12:12 am)
I got words today!!!


Metrics for Belladonna Dreams

Word Goal for the day: 750 - made 1768

Starting line: Especially considering who had set them.

Ending line: “It’s my diary,” she’d said. “It might help you understand a bit more about what’s going on in the house.”

Darling: Her hair was scraggly, and coated with the grease of ages. Wings grew out her back, feathers black as midnight and dulled with the residual blood of her victims. Her body was covered with down, matted and soiled, and her legs were those of a great bird of prey. In one hand, she held a horn filled with something noxious; in the other, a knotted whip of briars.


It feels really good to be writing again. So, in honor of writing, here are my goals for the week:

- 750 words on Dreams a day.
- 2 pages of worldbuilding on SB every other day day
- 1 page of script for Wings every other day
- 10 pages of editing on Seasons a day

I know, I know, it's a lot. But I want to keep working on them all. So I figure I'll work on Seasons at work (got my printout and my red pen there), as well as alternate SB and Wings. We'll see how I'm doing at the end of the week.

I've got more editing to do too, and a crit that I owe. So my week will be full.

Saw Ghost Rider today. No spoilers, but damn, it gave me some ideas for Nikki. Too bad they're trademarked. :p

Sleep now.
Whew! I got a lot of words done!

Not as many as I wanted, of course, but a lot, nonetheless. Here's all the gory details:

Belladonna Dreams

Word Goal for the day: 750 - made 1586

Starting line: “Good question. And Claire doesn’t want me anywhere near it.” I took a sip of soda. “She was very clear about that.”

Ending line: A nurse hurried by me, and it was almost as if I could see the blood rushing through her skin, which got less transparent the farther she went.

Darling: No birds chirped, and even in the midst of a bright, warm late autumn afternoon, cold shadows lay heavy over the entire clearing. Dark trees hunched over pieces of broken wall, glowering natural gargoyles. I had wondered, briefly, whether it had been this depressing when it was operational.

Then I had Changed, and so had the entire world.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
38,369 / 100,000

Broken Wings - Donovan's character sheet finished.

Race the Ninja! (due 1/22/07)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,718 / 12,000

Race [ profile] mimerki! (due 2/10/07)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,576 / 20,000

[ profile] novel_in_90 (due 4/6/07)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
12,182 / 67,500

And just because, here's January's total:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,888 / 50,000

And the YTD total:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
17,888 / 600,000

Insanity beckons, and off I go!
I'm now involved in three word challenges: a race against [ profile] irishninja for 12,00 words by January 22nd; one against [ profile] mimerki for 20,000+ by February 10th; and, of course, I'm involved in [ profile] novel_in_90. So I'll still be posting darlings and things like that, but I'll also be posting word counters for each of them.

Today, my to-do list looks like this:
- write up my bid for Yule 2007 (yes, I want to get this done today so I can have [ profile] dorio look at it before I submit it and forget something important)
- write at least 1k on Dreams at 1500 and still going
- write up Donovan's character sheet for Wings
- give up and start writing plot notes for the yet unnamed Sleeping Beauty plot bunny that refuses to die
- go to Eragon with the hubby and Donna (and Chinese food first! Yum!)
- design a Stonemarche bookmark for hubby for Birka
- crit the latest stuff I got from [ profile] adr_forte

Here are my current word counters:

Race the Ninja! (due date Jan. 22)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,142 / 12,000

Race [ profile] mimerki! (we need a snappy title for this one too) (due by Feb. 10th)

Zokutou word meter
0 / 20,000

[ profile] novel_in_90 (due April 6th)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,596 / 67,500

Dude, I'd better get busy!!!

ETA #1: Well, Eragon was pretty, and several of my fav actors (Rachel Weisz and Jeremy Irons) were in it, so I liked it. It was too fast, though. I have to read the book now. And back to writing!
Because it's still tonight until I go to bed, dammit! :p

Belladonna Dreams

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
36,461 / 100,000

Word Goal for the day: 750 - made 872

Starting line: Something wasn’t right.

Ending line: And she vanished.

Darling: Icy fingers suddenly wrapped around my throat, and Ellen dragged me back up, anger blazing in her eyes. “Don’t tell me what to do in my house, Daywalker” she hissed, and phantom spittle hit my face, burning like freezing acid rain.

Deaths: Nope.

Good Things: Well, now we know where Lyris is, supposedly.

Bad Things: Where Lyris is. And Sapph got choked.


I also finished Ajax's character for Wings. All I need to do is finish Donovan's, and then I should be able to finish the outline for the first episode. This comic is hard! I didn't realize how hard scriptwriting is. :p

Well, off to bed now. No Sleeping Beauty research - might do that tomorrow night, if work is dead.
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( Jan. 19th, 2007 12:15 am)
I need to start doing this again, to keep myself on track. I'm starting to loll along, and that's not good.

That does not get books written.

So tonight, I need to do the following:

- 1k on Dreams
- Finish Ajax's sheet for Wings

If I have time, I'll be doing some research on the story of Sleeping Beauty. Um, because. *looks away shamefully*

ETA: Well, I got 850 on the first, and finished the second. Go me!
So today, [ profile] argus7hills and I went to Baronial Birthday. What fun! [ profile] dorio was there, with his daughters, as well as Baron Harold, Baroness Aine, Clare (whose LJ name I've forgotten *sigh*) and some new people. We hung out on the porch (I got 3.75 favors done for Baronessa Maria, who needs them!) most of the day - it was gloriously sunny and cool, a perfect fall day. Then a yummy feast (Donica did a FABU job, and there was only one dish I couldn't eat. Out of THREE courses!), and then dancing. I even got to dance with my hubby! He's such a good dancer. It was a great day.

Of course, got a speeding ticket on the way home *sigh*, but the cop was nice and only wrote that I was going 15 miles over the speed limit, and not the 19 I was clocked at. So only $75, but still. Well, I got OT this week. :p

Tonight and tomorrow are all about getting stuff done. I finally got the money to [ profile] scarlettarcher for the website: now I just have to get her content. *grin* Well, that I can do!! Also need to do some household chores, so here's the To-Do list for the rest of the weekend:

1. Finish the summaries for June for Horseman
3. Grocery shopping

4. Cooking dinner (garlic-roasted chicken - yummy!)
5. Website content to [ profile] scarlettarcher
6. Ajax and Basil character sheets for Wings
7. At least 5k on Seasons
8. Get the insert in my blue/white dress stitched in (while I'm at the laundrymat)
9. Swim

So that's the agenda for the rest of the weekend. Wish me luck!

Oh yeah - gotta call Mom in there too, and remind her about shopping on Tuesday.

ETA 1: Got a bunch done. Chicken and potatoes are in the oven, dress is partially sewn (hmm, what will Val be working on in between calls this week? Can we say, dress?), and I'm starting on website content. More later.
Before I run to work, just wanted to let folks know that I did get some words in on Seasons. Not nearly 1k, but some.

267, to be precise. *sigh* Well, it's 267 more than I had.

I'll be working on Seasons tonight. I think I might start alternating days between Seasons and Wings to see how that works. It's hard switching from one to the other!

Especially since they're both Horsemen stories. *sigh*

Okay, here are the metrics:

Starting line: Cassandra and Justin had been discussing something when they had shown up, but the ancient Shadow Lord had simply summoned two more chairs and waved Nikki and Rick into them.

Ending line: “Exactly what I said,” Cassandra said, a bit tartly. “We’ve had a plethora of Mages dying after the Storm. And no, we still don’t know why."

Cool things: Um, none. Except that Cassandra is talking to her maybe?

Bad things: She found out Mages were dying.

For next time: Gotta go run those errands. And Rick's not coming. Boo!
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( Sep. 30th, 2006 06:05 pm)
A lot.

However, now that I'm doing feeling sorry for myself, it's time to do some work.

To Do Tonight:

- balance checkbook
- pay bills
- tweak budget for the two bills that just came up

- character sheet for Wings
- 1k on Seasons


So, I had another idea attack me the other day, and the more I think about it, the more I really want to write it. It's "Pretty Woman" meets "Amityville Horror," with bits of "Dark Angel" and "Buffy" thrown in.

Doesn't that sound cool?


Got my first eBay purchase in the mail! It's "The DC Guide to Writing Comics" by Danny O'Neill. It's AMAZING - and full of comics. :D I'm getting very excited by this. Really. But Danny has a bunch of cautions about rushing the comic, and I know myself enough to know that if I short myself on the character/story development, I'll end up doing a MAJOR rewrite. So, despite the fact that my artist is CHOMPING at the bit to get moving, I'm going to keep doing the prewriting work I know needs to be done.


Also need to start working on two more outlines: Descent into Darkness and Last Rites. I do not want myself written into a corner.
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( Sep. 24th, 2006 12:10 am)
And more Christmas presents bought! Go me!

(I'm really hoping to be DONE with shopping by the end of November. I really am.)

So now it's back to the book. I also ran an idea for Episode 1 of Broken Wings past my collaborators and got enthusiastic squeals of glee responses from at least one of them. So I need to get cracking on the rest of the characters for that and start working on the story.

That will be a challenge in and of itself. I'm envisioning more of a screenplay script than a traditional story, and I've never done a screenplay. Any suggestions from any of my flist who works on screenplays would be MOST appreciated (yes, [ profile] queenoftheskies, I WAS looking at you! *grin*)

So we'll see. I think this is going to be an interesting season coming up. Got another non-fiction idea percolating too, but I don't want to talk about that yet.

Oh, and apparently World Fantasy Con is in Calgary in 2008. I think I might be there.

Okay, back to work. I'm in FM Chat if anyone wants to come and distract me war with me.
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( Aug. 26th, 2006 11:55 pm)
I had a blast today with Donna.

Went and saw Monster House and POTC: Dead Man's Chest. Then came home and The Mummy was on TBS! One of my ALL-TIME fav movies.

Monster House was cool, but DAMN! Not a kid's movie. I don't care that the rating was PG - it wasn't a kid's movie.

POTC rocked, of course. Love Johnny Depp as Cap'n Jack. And I thought Davy Jones rocked, although Donna thought his voice was a bit whiney. And no, I don't think it was a cliffhanger - more of a "Really? We can do that?" And no spoilers. :)

I think I might want to see Invincible. Odd, I don't like football, but I'm starting to like football movies (love The Replacements). Then again, Mark Wahlberg is one of my favorite actors too. We'll see.

Tonight and tomorrow are laundry and computer. Tonight is the final push on editing TOD. Tomorrow is all about Wings character development and Seasons outline.
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( Aug. 22nd, 2006 01:46 am)
Well, I wrote tonight. Go me!

I also figured out that my outline was shot to hell, and I had NO clue where I was going. Sooooooo,

I put the rough draft aside and started to wrestle the outline. I've got some good things done on that - the book is making a LOT more sense, and I've found some interesting new characters. However, I don't know if the vampire will remain - he might move over to Descent. I could see Donovan working out there better.

I'm doing the 21-Day Habit Builder at [ profile] mad_collective: I got 256 words done on the actual book, and another 1100+ done on the outline. My goal is to write at least 250 words a day for 21 days: I need to get back into the habit of writing every day.

Especially since my schedule is about to get a WHOLE lot more crowded.

I forsee my black book becoming my writing "to-do list," since I have a couple of irons on the fire.

1. Finishing up the edits on Tony's book - this should be done by the end of the week.
2. Dark Moon Seasons - the final needs to be in to Gwen no later than 1/1/07.
3. Broken Wings - looks like this is finally coming off the ground. We're looking at a preliminary launch date of April 2007 (RavenCon, for those going), but my artist and background illustrator need to have time to draw.
4. Belladonna Dreams - I REALLY want to finish this one.

So basically, I need to be WAY more disciplined than I have been lately. I've slacked off this summer. I can't anymore.

Hehe - I love being a writer. Let me at those deadlines!
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( Jul. 10th, 2006 09:56 pm)
Okay. Here's the official list:

To Do Before GNEW:

1. Finish [ profile] argus7hills’s new tabard
2. Buy steaks and marinate them in the roasted garlic sauce
3. Trim new dancing caftan
4. Fix pink dancing pants
5. Make coin dancing scarf
6. Buy dowels for the banners
7. Finish [ profile] freya47’s book cover
8. Start sewing my banner
9. Get Nedra’s camp stove
10. Fix my fencing doublet

No problems. :D

Writing goals this week:

1. 1k per night on Seasons
2. 1 chapter edited per night on the vampire novel
3. If I can, 2 character sketches done in Wings

We'll see.
I did get some stuff written this weekend, believe it or not. :)

Got some good stuff hashed out about Broken Wings - my collaborator is a GENIUS and I can't wait to see how these come out. I'll be working on that more in the coming days.

Also got more words on Dreams. I'm starting to get into the part where Sapph is becoming (slowly) convinced that she might have, just possibly, lost her mind. While it's fun to write, I'm having to exert a lot of control on her so she doesn't blather mindlessly.

I'm also looking at updating the website (I know, about time, Ford! Geez, get with the program already!) Since I have to regretfully admit that I don't have time to HTML everything, I'm looking at this program:

My webmistress has given it a tentative seal of approval (tentative because she hasn't used it) and at least one of my friends has set up his page with it. If anyone has used it, please let me know what you think! I should be downloading the free trial at some point this week or next.

Going over to Mason tonight for the craft night with [ profile] amcnh and working on my new dress for Panteria. Yes, new garb! *claps hand over heart and staggers* I need new garb. I need to do something with all my fabric, so I can then tell [ profile] argus7hills that I need to buy more fabric from [ profile] freya46. :D

More later.
Bleah. I think I'm going to have to break down and go to the damn doctors, so I can finally kick this obnoxious...whatever it is. I'm hot and cold today, probably running a fever, and hoping to get to work.

So what am I doing? Writing, of course. :p

Here's the updated year-to-date word count:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
13,337 / 1,000,000

I'm chugging along - got the first real character done on Broken Wings the other day. Didn't write yesterday - pulled a 12-hour shift and then came home and slept because I felt awful.

Still feel awful. But I hate missing work.

At least I have sick days...and I have until 3:30 to decide if I'm coming in or not.

*sigh* We'll see in an hour or so...
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( Jan. 16th, 2006 12:12 am)
Belladonna Dreams, Rough Draft, is done!!!!

Zokutou word meter
66,497 / 66,497

Yes, it's short of the 80k I wanted. But I've already got scenes I want to add. So I'll print it out in about 2 weeks, and start editing it.

Not being one to rest on my laurels, I'm off to start working on characters for Broken Wings. :) And tomorrow, I'll probably pull out the timeline for Seasons and start to work on it.

Because I don't know what this term "Take a break" means.
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( Jan. 14th, 2006 02:21 pm)
Yup. But first, a big HUZZAH! to [ profile] watermelontail for finishing his novel!!! Yay!!!!

(Sorry, little brother, just had to get that out. I'm so proud of you!)

Now, onto the updates.

First, the yearly goal (updated properly, this time - I'm not going for a billion words! Maybe in 10 years...)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,616 / 1,000,000

I got some more done on Belladonna Dreams - I'm hoping to finish the rough draft this weekend:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
59,718 / 80,000

Yes, I'm going to end up being short, probably. Then again, I write short, so I'm not that worried about it.

I also started to work (finally!) on the character sketches for Broken Wings. Started with the top - Empress Ceyla. Who's becoming quite the character. This is going to be wicked fun!!! No word meter for this, because I'm only doing sketches, but I got 251 words done on that.

Now back to writing. And then, maybe tomorrow or Monday, I'm going to start playing with updating my site. Not the fun one. The real one. *shudder*


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