And I have a sinus migraine building. Oh joy.

I have approximately 18 hours of sick time left this year, I feel like a bus has hit me, and my head is pounding. But I'm in at work. For how long is anyone's guess.

Right now, I'm just focusing on getting to my first break, at 11 am. I start on the phones at 9 am.

If I can make it to 11 am, I might actually last a bit longer than I'm thinking at the moment. We'll see.

*sigh* Thursday can't come soon enough. I need my Remicade.
Is always SO much fun at financial institutions.

Today has been a blast. I haven't gotten any "Where are my tax forms?", but I've gotten an awful lot of "Why didn't I get my check in December?" (Because you didn't request it. Because Bush Jr. passed a law, and you had to request it, as opposed to us just sending it out. No, we can't send it out now as part of last year's taxes. Because it's not LAST YEAR ANYMORE.)

Actually, it hasn't been that bad. I'm not tearing my hair out, and I've had only one nasty caller who hung up on me. And really, they weren't that nasty. I've had nastier colds.

I might even write a bit tonight in the Lair when I get home.
There might even be a real writing post later! With, like, content! I know, shocking, huh?

I do apologize for the lack of real content - I've been super busy, and tired. I think I'm fighting off a cold that really, really wants to take up residence in my head. It hasn't gained much of a foothold, but I'm not taking any chances. It's been so busy here!

OT at work, too, which cuts down the writing time/me time even more. I don't even get my studio day this week! *sniff* So sad...

But even while working, I have writing ideas that are starting to percolate. I'm having some real issues with characters and this third book - once I figure it out, I promise I'll do a writing post. Luckily, there were some great folks in FM Chat that helped me out with some really good advice, especially [ profile] mer_blackwood. I'm still doing the prewriting stuff, but the book will be MUCH stronger when I do get it down.

I've also got some glimmers of my Christmas present for you guys - I think it might be a part of the larger Olympus book. Yes, I think Olympus is going to be an actual book - I've got some plot, and it's gaining steam. And it's FUN. Of course, now it needs a title (and the MC's name needs to change, because I've already got an Abby/Jack story), but I finally get to use Jack Frost as a hero in a book that ISN'T noncanon! And this Jack is...well, he's sexy, but he's not the Jacks I've written before. I like this Jack. I think you guys will like him too.

Oh, and I'm doing my Christmas cards tonight. So if you wanted one, be on the lookout early next week!
Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Today, I'm at work. *sniff* However, it's Jeans Day! (Yay!) And I'm not on the phones! (Double Yay!) So not too bad, although I'd much rather be spending it with my family baking cookies.

This weekend is going to be a quiet one. I'm going to finally get those 4 stories back to my writers, and I'm contemplating cleaning my office a bit. And writing. I really want to write. Sunday, I'm going to the studio to work on Christmas presents.


(Okay, probably some WoW too, but that really doesn't count.)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I'm looking forward to the holidays. For those who are waiting for my address, I'll be replying to those this weekend - I don't have access to personal email at work.
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( Oct. 7th, 2009 02:23 pm)
New project! Which means I'll be off the phones...

UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF NEXT YEAR!!!!! (Except for Mondays, but that's okay)

I'm so excited! They've already updated my schedule!

This is a really good opportunity for me - wish me luck!
It's been a hell of a week. We'll just leave it at that and start new, okay? Good.

I'm working on comments. I'll have them all answered by tomorrow, I hope.

Work: Mondays and Tuesdays suck, but other than that, it's been good. I actually am pretty happy where I am. Mostly because my callers (although a little nutty) don't swear at me most of the time. I used to be in Health and Insurance - this is the season where I would be working 60+ hour weeks. And while the OT pay was nice - I don't miss it. At all.

Weight: Ugh. Fell off the wagon HARD after Pennsic, and am slowly recovering. Soda habit reactivated (and Mountain Dew, no less!), but we are slowly weaning off. Minus XP points to the grocery stores around me for discontinuing Jones Cola - we hates you all! Ah well. It's mulled cider season now, and I'm going to enjoy it. Also apple season. And apple crisp season. Mmmmm. Also starting my gym attendance again, and it looks like [ profile] beard5 might be joining me. Yay, gym buddy!

SCA: I've started Argus' Christmas present and am contemplating documenting it over on my [ profile] captain_hobbes livejournal. [ profile] beard5 helped me draw the pattern for the embroidery, and I'm currently tracing it out. On Tuesday, I'll be putting the first patterns onto the black twill and starting the couching. Did I mention there will be pearls, now? [ profile] beard5 is an evil influence.

Writing: Here's where Val hangs her head. Nope. Got nothing done this week. But I have ideas. And tonight, instead of playing WoW all night, I'm going to write. I need to get Last Rites started, and I want to finish Death's Deceit. Also, I'm hosting Writer's Group this weekend and will be horribly embarrassed if I don't have anything to crit. Bad Val is bad.

This has been a long way of me saying I need to get my ass in gear. Consider it kicked.
So, I'm at work, but I'm about to leave, because I forgot that I was swapping shifts with someone else, so I'm not due in until 11 am! This is very, very good, because I realized yesterday that my driver's license expires today, and now I can go and renew it, without taking time off of work! Yay!

I'm going to do that, and then I'm going to go and take a nice long walk out in the sunshine. Of course, I don't have my iPod with me, but it's gorgeous out, and the birds are singing. I don't need the iPod.

I do, however, have R2D2 with me. Yep, have hubby's van today, and R2 is in the backseat. A full-sized R2, no less. Unfortunately, it belongs to Baron Bil and not to me, but it's still cool.

And now I'm off. I haven't figured out how to make Twitter apps work on this phone, so I don't seem to get replies, but at least I can follow stuff along! I'll keep working on it.

Oh, and for when I do come back? I've got a copy of Magical Gardens: Myth, Mulch & Marigolds to read - Dad loaned it to me. They have a Bast Garden!!!
Seriously. It's addicting.

For those who haven't heard, I've got an LG enV2, with a full keyboard and mobile web. Horrible. I can Twitter all day! And IM! Really!


But I have things to do today, and I'm at work, so we won't be engaging in those activities. Really. Uh-huh.


2. Balance checkbook.
3. Print out Velvet Box summary over lunch and add to it.
4. Catch up on school reading.

That's it. That's my huge to-do list today.

Oh, and did I mention soaking up the sun? Yeah, I've got a window behind me and it's POURING in.
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( Apr. 9th, 2009 10:25 am)
Someone remind me that I can't afford VTO* all next week... *whimper*

*Voluntary Time Off - unpaid, but out of work.
Dearest goddess, I'm so bored. Friday afternoons should be mandatory non-work times with pay. Seriously.

Oh, and to all the brokers out there? Just a hint - if you don't give out financial information without your client right there, why should we? Get a clue, okay?

I have a lovely little pot of daffodils on my desk, thanks to Daffodil Days here at work. They smell wonderful, and I think, once the ground warms up, that I'm going to plant them in my front flower bed. If I get a pot every year, I could have a TON of daffs in my yard. Wouldn't that be lovely?

They really are like sunshine. I have seven sprouted bulbs, and seven flowers so far, with more buds just waiting to pop. It really does brighten my day.

I'm dealing with family stuff, so I apologize if I don't get back to people right away - my time is kind of limited. But I'm still here, I'm still writing - I should have some more writing stuff to post tonight under the writing filter.

Took an interesting CLE yesterday on public and private benefits - kind of ignited the desire to go to law school again, although I don't know if I'll follow through on that. It's more money to pay out, and another 3 years of school on top of the three I still have... I dunno. Maybe.

Still noodling with ideas for writing. My paladin is getting insistant, but I don't really have a storyline I like for her, and no real villains. Honestly, I don't WANT to write a post-apocalyptic Crusader novel. I don't. Really.

Even if she wants me to.

I found an interesting bit with a paladin and a mage that a friend and I played with in college - she wrote the paladin, and the paladin in question was NOTHING like my paladin (nevermind the story in question was hideous and involved Robin Hood, okay? We just won't go there) - but I liked the interplay between them, and I started wondering.

What would happen if you took a paladin from one post-apocalyptic Earth, a wise-cracking mage from another alternate Earth, and dropped them both in the middle of the Robin Hood mythos?

And then I shuddered and decided not to go there. Not yet, anyways.
I even remembered to wear green today. :p

Hoping it's a quiet day - I've got the first inklings of ideas for Midsummer and want to see if I can get a plot summary sketched out. I need to make some phone calls as well during breaks. I will resist VTO, since I have tomorrow off (I'm going to a legal continuing ed program in Manchester!!) and part of Friday off (for the Remicade treatment I missed LAST Friday). At least tomorrow is paid. :p

Hope you all have a good day!
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( Mar. 16th, 2009 04:00 pm)
Caller: I want to buy some stocks.

Me: Um, okay. What kind of account are you trying to buy stocks as a part of?

Caller: You mean, what kind of account do I have?

Me: Yes.

Caller: I have a checking account.

Me: *headdesk*
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( Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:06 pm)
Okay, week from hell can end now, universe. I'm done already, and it's only Tuesday.

Shall we count the ways?

1. Snowpocalypse on Monday, resulting in school closures, which resulted in 3/4 of our staff not coming into work. I understand that someone's gotta stay home with the kids, but it made for a LOOOONGGG day.

2. PMS. Need we say more?

3. Treatment looming. Let's not go there.

4. One of our switchboards malfunctioned this morning, resulting in all their calls this morning coming to our site instead. Red lit from 8:30 am to noon. Loads of fun.

5. Threatening sore throat became firethroat with a vengence. Sucks when you can't get up to get a drink. Thank gods for my thermos.

6. Three Fracking Degrees tonight. Nuff said.

I was braindead last night from the snow day (I ended up working OT to help out) so I did nothing last night but WoW. I needed to slaughter pixels. Of course, having time get away from me and gaming until midnight was SO not smart.

*sigh* I'm declaring a gaming moritorium until Sunday. I have too much else to do. Besides, I already soloed DeadMines. :D

Tonight, I'm curling up in bed under the electric blanket and studying for my final tomorrow. And drinking tea. With honey. And hoping to god I don't have strep.


(I promise, no more whining this week.)
1. Survive today (gods, I hate being sick)
2. Write paper
3. 2 Crits for DII

[ profile] domynoe or [ profile] shade53, can one of you post a repost request for me? I have one more crit I need to do to catch up before tomorrow, but my email deleted everything. *sigh* I'm looking for shorts to crit.

Is always the hardest. :)

More later. I've got some musings on Mirrors to go up later, and at some point, I'll get the travel log done and posted.

Have a great Monday Tuesday, everyone!
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( Feb. 3rd, 2009 01:46 pm)
Yes, there was a layoff.

No, I'm not part of it.
Sorry for no posts all weekend - it was Birka, which translates as super-busy! But I had a blast as always, even if I had more to do than usual.

Friday, I got out of work at noon to go and help set up. This year, I was assistant merchantocrat (because next year I get to be in charge of merchants - yay!) and so I spent the weekend working closely with Baron Bil, learning the ropes. It was so weird not to be setting up my own merchant stand - I think this is the first year in nearly 6 that Longstrider Trading didn't merchant. *sigh* Ah well. I need to start working on product again - Dereca and I are talking about doing an Etsy store.

But I did get to meet a bunch of folks - including the very talented Resa Nelson, who was selling her first novel The Dragonslayer's Sword (which just happens to be a 2009 Eppie finalist!). I managed to snag a copy, which I will be reading and reviewing here in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! (It looks awesome, btw) She and I also discussed possibly touring together once Seasons comes out (what do you think, [ profile] ivy_librarian, can you give us a spot?), since she's a NE author too!

SOOOO, if any of you New England folks have a venue you'd like us to consider, why don't you list it in the comments, and I'll see what I can do!

There was a ship's meeting, too - I'll list stuff for that later, as well as the Court report from Baronial court (I spent Royal Court in the hot tub - hey, my feet hurt!).

Sunday, I woke up with a migraine (hotel was way dry and I'd forgotten my humidifier), so I slept the day away. Today has been super busy as well at work - this is my first chance to post!

Posting will be slightly sporadic for the next few weeks - this week because I'm trying to finish up the galleys for Seasons and next week because I'll be in MEXICO! So have fun and behave - I'll post when I can.
Especially since it means yesterday is OVER!!!

For those who didn't hear, my crappy day (starting with sleeping late and developing a lovely hacking my lungs up cough) ended on a spectacular high note, as I locked myself out of my car at work. Not only was it EFFING cold, but AAA couldn't find my membership.


And where was my card, you ask? Why, right next to my keys - on the front seat of my car. *sigh*

Luckily, the Merrimack police didn't ask for a freaking membership card - they just asked for a signed waiver and then popped the door. Yay! So I finally made it home.

Made [ profile] argus7hills's robe too. It has no trim on it, but it's done for tomorrow.

And today, at noon, I'm out of work and on my way to BIRKA!!!!!

I can't wait. Today is setup and the Hafla tonight. Tomorrow is the whirlwind that is the Marketplace at Birka. This year, I'll actually get to see a bunch of it.

Which reminds me. I need to get rum tonight. The Bottle(tm) must be filled so I can be official bottlebearer for Baron Bil tomorrow.

And yes, the Scorned Lady meeting is still on for tomorrow night in our room. And although I haven't had a chance to make Kobalds, we'll still be playing (it takes like 10 minutes tops to make a character).
I got almost nothing done I wanted to, lost a crit (grrr) to the Internets and had to update my big computer yesterday, so it was a weird weekend, but all in all, I'm not as upset as I feel I should be. If that makes sense. :p

Went and saw "Rise of the Lycans" yesterday with Michael de Calais (who needs to get a LJ account!) and [ profile] argus7hills - I really enjoyed it. Then again, I loved both of the other "Underworld" movies - this one followed in their footsteps. And Lucian...mmmm, Lucian. There was one minor consistancy glitch from the Sonia story told in the first movie, but we all instantly saw why they did it. No spoilers, but I really did like it. However, [ profile] jackoutofthebox, SO not appropriate for the Halflings. Not yet. Very violent. (One guy caught a javelin in the face and got pinned to the wall. Even we went, "Oh gross!")

I have some things that I actually managed to get printed out to crit today. Unfortunately, I'd started a crit on Saturday and managed to not save it (not sure how, because I distinctly REMEMBER saving it, but I couldn't find it this morning), so I'm starting it over. Work has been major busy today, so it might have to wait until tomorrow, but I WILL get my two crits listed. Seriously.

And dammit, I'm making broccoli quiche tomorrow night. I have everything I need and it's laughing at me. Dammit. No more excuses. (Tonight I have class.)

This week, I'm going to be very busy with class/Birka prep (nope, haven't started sewing yet, of course), so I don't know how much writing I'll get done.

Oh, and it has come to my attention that a few folks got left off (unintentionally!) from the Mirrors filter, so I'll throw it open again. I'm writing a book transparently on LJ. If you want in and don't think you are on that filter, reply in comments.


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