Which means weigh-in!

Starting weight: 291 lbs.
Current weight: 286.6 lbs
Change: 4.4 lbs

Slowly but surely, the weight is coming off. I really think breakfast is making a HUGE difference - I'm not hungry at 9 am anymore, so I'm not snacking on salty stuff. And the lessening of soda helps too.

I'm back at work, with a jug of orange-pineapple juice and lots of cold meds and tea. I did manage to bring some Lean Pockets and pomegranite seeds for lunch/dinner, so I don't have to buy anything. Go me!

And yes, I think it's the flu. I had a fever most of yesterday - it's broken today, but I feel like I've been beaten like a harp seal. Thanks for all the well-wishes.
And somehow, by the grace of I don't know what, I did it.

I preserved my 4.0!!!!!

Somehow, I did well enough on my quizzes, my final and my project to overcome my class participation grade, and I pulled an A!

I am SOOOOO happy!


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