I can't believe it's almost October. *sigh* Where did this year go?

They go faster, you know, the older you get, until one day, you're standing there with sand under your toes and it's all the sand that's run out of your hourglass, and it's on the beach and there's no way to get it back. Yuck, morbid thoughts on a Monday morning - not a good thing.

Anyways, it's been a few days since I've posted, and so it's time to update again. I took the weekend away from the internets, and it worked well - I got nearly 3k done on my Last Rites synopsis yesterday. Lots of plotty goodness, and I'm thinking I'm really getting a grip on how to end the story. I also showed the first bits of what I thought was going to be a novella in my elven world - yeah, well, let's just say that Underhill will be getting its own synopsis very shortly. I have a good beginning, but I need to refine the rest of the idea for the novel. I might cannabalize some of the plot from Treaty of Betrayal to use in this.

Weight is up a little this week - not happy about that, but it's a process and I accept that. I did make the gym twice last week, and [livejournal.com profile] beard5 and I went this morning as well. This week, the goal is three days (Monday, Wednesday and Friday). Also, we signed up for a session with Andrew, the personal trainer, to design plans for us for next Monday. My goals? Strengthen my knees and lose my belly.

Food-wise, I'm not doing that badly, although the hard cider and pizza and cinnastix yesterday did NOT help. I managed to keep my breakfast journal all week - today, I'm going to try and keep a full day's journal. I need to email my nutritionist my journal from last week - yet more accountability. I'm finding I need that.

And lastly, today I did not bring in any soda. I am going to resist buying a soda as long as possible. Today, I believe, I will start the detox.
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