Tomorrow is going to be insane at work, so I'm trying to get into a zen sort of space in my head (I'm on the phones, because it will be insane). So today I'm going to do a bunch of homey stuff, and make sure I pack a really good lunch/dinner for myself and for [ profile] argus7hills.

Good news today - after a horrible eating day yesterday (I know my nutritionist was having fits and couldn't figure out why, because all I had was sour-cream and onion chips, cookies, chex mix and one small turkey sandwich to eat, and OJ and vodka to drink), I stepped on the scale with trepidation. I didn't think I overate during Thanksgiving, but I didn't deprive myself either. Last Sunday, I weighed in at 282.5 lbs. Stepped on the scale today, peeked down...

282.0 lbs.

I LOST .5 lbs!!!! *happy dance*

So today is all about eating normally (well, as normally as turkey soup is for breakfast. With roasted broccoli on top. Mmmm, was SOOOO good), rehydrating and getting ready for tomorrow.

- Fold Laundry and put away
- Email edits to my last few authors
- Start cleaning office
- Write

That's it. Dinner is leftovers - we have SO much leftover food! I love it.

Oh, and I might put up the Christmas tree tonight. And turn on the lights outside.

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!
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