It's been a hell of a week. We'll just leave it at that and start new, okay? Good.

I'm working on comments. I'll have them all answered by tomorrow, I hope.

Work: Mondays and Tuesdays suck, but other than that, it's been good. I actually am pretty happy where I am. Mostly because my callers (although a little nutty) don't swear at me most of the time. I used to be in Health and Insurance - this is the season where I would be working 60+ hour weeks. And while the OT pay was nice - I don't miss it. At all.

Weight: Ugh. Fell off the wagon HARD after Pennsic, and am slowly recovering. Soda habit reactivated (and Mountain Dew, no less!), but we are slowly weaning off. Minus XP points to the grocery stores around me for discontinuing Jones Cola - we hates you all! Ah well. It's mulled cider season now, and I'm going to enjoy it. Also apple season. And apple crisp season. Mmmmm. Also starting my gym attendance again, and it looks like [ profile] beard5 might be joining me. Yay, gym buddy!

SCA: I've started Argus' Christmas present and am contemplating documenting it over on my [ profile] captain_hobbes livejournal. [ profile] beard5 helped me draw the pattern for the embroidery, and I'm currently tracing it out. On Tuesday, I'll be putting the first patterns onto the black twill and starting the couching. Did I mention there will be pearls, now? [ profile] beard5 is an evil influence.

Writing: Here's where Val hangs her head. Nope. Got nothing done this week. But I have ideas. And tonight, instead of playing WoW all night, I'm going to write. I need to get Last Rites started, and I want to finish Death's Deceit. Also, I'm hosting Writer's Group this weekend and will be horribly embarrassed if I don't have anything to crit. Bad Val is bad.

This has been a long way of me saying I need to get my ass in gear. Consider it kicked.


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