This morning was hard. I'm still fighting off the effects of the flu vaccine and a cold hubby has picked up, and all I wanted to do was sleep in a little later. But I knew, if I did that, I wouldn't go Friday - I'd find yet another excuse.

I was late, I'll admit that. And I only did 16 minutes of cardio. But it's 16 minutes more than I did before, and I made the effort to go. I'm more awake now at work (sore, still, but awake), and I feel good, knowing that I set one more block into the road that I'm walking.

I'll weigh in tomorrow, I think - I know SOMETHING is happening, because I've got pants that were too tight around the middle that are now fitting wonderfully. I actually had to take off my size 26 jeans and put on 24s this weekend, because the 26s were falling off. Yay!

As of right now, my normal routine is this:

15 minutes of cardio (I usually do the stationary bike for this section)
10 minutes of either lower body or upper body strength training (depending on the day)
5 minutes of arms strength training
10 minutes of abs training (I'm up to 120 crunches!!!)
10 minutes of cardio (I usually do the treadmill for this)

It's funny, too - I find that on the days I go to the gym, I find it easier to eat better. The soda looks - not as good. Same for candy or pastries. But protein, fruit and veggies, and the Kool-Aid (I adore Kool-Aid, but I water it down way more than they say to) are amazingly yummy.

When I weighed myself last week, I was at 285 lbs. We'll see tomorrow what I weigh in at now.

The goal? To be in size 14s by the time my 10th anniversary comes around. That's approximately 2 years away. The other goal? Honestly? To run a 5k by then.
Out of work at 5 pm. Once home, do the following:

1. Birka Merchants Spreadsheet.
2. 1 load of laundry (pants, or we'll be bare-butted for work tomorrow and that would be BAD.)
3. Update TPC words

That's it. If I try for more, I'll go insane.

Essay can wait until tomorrow, unless I write it during lunch today.

BTW, anyone got any ideas for a narrative, 2-pg essay? I need one for class.
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( Nov. 11th, 2009 03:01 pm)
To all those who served. And to those who continue to serve.

Happy Armistice Day.


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